Saturday, June 20, 2009

Season Preview: Prophet Style

Well the regular season is looming and given that I consider myself to be some sort of prognosticator, I suppose I should make some sort of attempt to preview all the CFL teams (I mean there are only 7 others).

But true to the Prophet-style that inspired a legion of fans numberings in the bakers dozens, I couldn’t just do the same old boring uninspired preview that you can find in numerous other places. I needed a whacky theme. More specifically I needed a theme that wouldn’t be considered copyright infringement, libel, hate crime or other legal faux-pas.

Then one day it hit me, like a …. What’s whackier than a family reunion? Getting together with dozens of your kin, only half of which you’ve ever heard off and only a fraction of which you actually talk to on a regular basis. There’s always a good chance that old rivalries and longstanding bitterness will flare up. Not to mention that it’s pretty much guaranteed that at least one family member will have way too many drinks and make a complete ass of themselves. And if it’s a Manitoba family reunion there’s always the chance of picking up an attractive cousin… well maybe not an attractive one… but a cousin nonetheless.

It got me thinking that the CFL is like a big family with each team having their own character. After a long offseason they are getting back together to.

So with that in mind I present to you the Family Reunion Themed Preview. I will preview each team based on what family member I see them as.

We start with Hamilton.

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