Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Reunion Themed Preview: Hamilton

“Slow Nephew That You Have To Cheer For The Slightest Accomplishment”

What’s that? You went in the big boy potty? Yay!! {enthusiastic clapping}
You managed to tie your shoes? Well they are Velcro but yay! {more enthusiastic clapping}
You picked your nose and didn’t eat it this time? Yay!! {enthusiastic clapping while subtly checking to make sure the little bugger didn’t rub it on you}

Yes like that “slow” nephew, Hamilton has been lagging behind their peers for a number of years and while you’re pretty sure their not mentally retarded, you have had your doubts. They’ve been so bad that you feel bad about making fun of them… I mean they try so hard. And because they are so slow you find yourself feeling happy when they accomplish even the smallest feat such as a first down or a passing TD (which only took them well into to last season to accomplish).

Biggest Acquisition: Dan Goodspeed
Biggest Loss: Jesse Lumsden
Biggest Strength: Ground Game
Biggest Weakness: Defense/Receivers
Question Mark: The Bellefeuille Era

As much as I have mocked Bellefeuille on this blog, I have to admit that the team really seemed to play better under his guidance at the end of the season. Question is, can he sustain it over an entire season and more importantly translate it into more than 3 wins. This season he’s managed to amass his dream offense: Kevin Glenn and Kenton Keith behind an improved O-line… and no quality receivers in sight. Ball control offense here we come. Thing is that should be an improvement over whatever it is they were running last year.

Defensively last year they were about as useful as a poopy flavoured lollypop. Adding a competent D Coordinator in Greg Marshall should greatly benefit the team.

Verdict: The Ti-Cats are a better team on paper than they were last year. Playing in the weak East Division will definitely help their cause…
3rd in the East at 7-11. Yay!! {enthusiastic clapping}

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