Monday, April 24, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Hamilton Ti-Cats

Picks: 7 picks, first selection is 4th Overall

2016 Draft Assessment: Landed a stud OL in Brandon Revenberg with the 3rd overall pick. He will likely be a mainstay in that O-line for years. I’m not really sure why they drafted Mercer Timmis in the 2nd round but he certainly has potential if they ever decide to use him. The pick I would keep my eye on is 3rd rounder LB Terrell Davis. I think he will grow into a solid special teamer/rotational defender for them. Overall a pretty good result for the Cats.

Potential Pipeline: DL Brent Urban (Baltimore)

Current Strengths: They have ample starting calibre Canadians (many of whom are or have been all-stars): Butler, Laurent, Stephen, Bomben, Revenberg, Filer, Capicciotti and Watt (as least as a token Cdn WR). They have a solid core of depth/special teamers (mainly due to their recent history of drafting a ridiculous amount of LBs).

Current Needs: The Ti-cats’ issues in not finding starters but ensuring adequate depth behind them. They have just 5 Cdn OL under contract. Given that they are likely to start 2 Cdn DBs (Butler and Stephen), they don’t have near the depth there they need. Particularly when you consider that Butler is coming off major knee injury and hasn’t played in a year. Depth behind Laurent and Capicciotti is thin as well with only Atkinson and Gill (who I wouldn’t count on given that he seems to always be hurt). The other big hole is the one left by Andy Fantuz. It’s likely he returns to the Ti-Cats once he’s healthy but who knows when that will be and given his age, they need to start thinking of the future. Lastly, for the second year in a row they currently have no kicker. Bold strategy (thought it worked out alright for them last year so why not do it again?)

Prediction:  WR Danny Vandervoot at #4 just makes way too much sense. He’s by far the best WR in the draft. They need a young Cdn WR.  It’s not like picking an impact OL or a DL would be a bad pick at #4 so they can't really go wrong (well ok there are many ways to go wrong, just ask Joe Mack). But Vandervoot is the odds on favourite here. Also, given past history, expect them to take no less than 5 LBs in the draft.

Friday, April 21, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Toronto Argonauts

Toronto will have to sit out the first round as their hard earned 1st overall pick goes to Winnipeg thanks to the infamous Drew Willy trade. I still can’t fathom how at any point (even if alcohol was involved) that ever seemed like a good trade for Jim Barker. Did Kyle Walters have some blackmail material on him? Barker's replacement Jim Popp will now be making the picks (ironically he also traded a first round pick away with his previous employer).
Picks: 6 picks, first selection is 10th Overall

2016 Draft Assessment: Mostly a lot of depth additions like O-linemen Jamall Campbell and DJ Sackey (who really missed his calling in life as a D-lineman, best name ever!). The success/failure of this draft is really tied to the 2 receivers Barker selected: Brian Jones (1st round) and Llevi Noel (4th round). When he cut his entire receiver corp late last season (bold strategy), Barker was confident these 2 could step in as replacements. Count me among those skeptical about this strategy. Remains to be seen if the new regime is as high on Jones as Barker was… especially given that Popp didn’t make Cdn WRs much of a priority in Montreal.

Potential Pipeline: TE Luke Wilson (Seattle)

Current Strengths: Starts up front where Popp now has the ability to start an all Cdn O-line like he had in Montreal. Perrett and Van Zeyl at tackle. Holmes, McEwen and Deane inside. Plus a ton of depth behind them (Dyakowski, Smith, Watman, Campbell, Sakey). Of note are the young guys like Holmes and McEwen which bodes well for the future. Jermaine Gabriel is a quality safety and they have Black and Webster for depth. Anthony Coombs can be a playmaker (particularly if Ray is the QB). Hajrullahu had a bounce back season and proved to be a quality kicker (given how terrible the Argos were he had ample opportunity to prove it).

Current Needs: Their glut of OL assets leaves them free to target other areas (a luxury not shared by many teams). Defense would be the logical place for them to start. At DL they have Daryl Waud (12th overall pick in 2015) but limited depth behind him if they want to push him as a starter (which they may choose to do for ratio reasons). They don’t really have much in terms of Cdn LBs which could impact on their special teams play. I expect Coombs to be heavily involved in the offense and so the departure of Andre Durie leaves a need for some depth at RB.

Prediction: Based on need and what’s likely to be available come the second round, the Argos are likely to take a DL with their first pick (whichever of Faith Ekakite, Junior Luke or Kwaku Boateng is still there). Keep in mind though that Jim Popp is now calling the shots so one of his early picks will be a headscratcher from that no one saw coming. My bet is a fullback. Also, because Popp has never shied away from taking players he has to wait on, I could see Popp taking a flyer on guys like Justin Senior, Anthony Auclair or Geoff Gray (depending on how NFL interest in him pans out).

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Edmonton Eskimos

Edmonton may not have a GM but presumably somebody will be making picks for them come draft day.

Picks: 8 picks, first selection is 5th Overall

2016 Draft Assessment: A very questionable draft strategy by then-GM Ed Hervey. Used his 1st and 2nd round picks on players bound for the NFL (Tevaughn Smith and Arjen Calquhoun) and did not have a 3rd or 4th rounder. That meant the first tangible selections for the team started in the 5th round. Not a recipe for success (just ask Brendan Taman). Obviously if either NFLer ventures north this assessment could change quickly but currently the value of the 2016 is negligible.

Potential Pipeline: WR Tevaughn Smith (NFL – Indy), DB Arjen Calquhoun (NFL – Dallas), DL Stefan Charles (NFL - Detroit), OL Austin Paztor (NFL - Cleveland), K Shaun Suisham (NFL), LS LP Ladouceur (NFL - Dallas)

Current Strengths:
They have a solid interior to their O-line with O’Donnell, Rottier and Sorensen with Groulx and Beard for depth. Safety position is in good shape with starter Neil King and Andrew Lue and Dubuisson providing depth. Calvin McCarty is one of those unheralded role players that every team needs in order to be successful. Sean Whyte was the most accurate kicker in the CFL last season at 93.8% and has missed only 6 kicks over his 2 years in Edmonton (I still have no clue what Montreal was thinking when they outright cut him but lucky for the Esks I guess). They have a glut of Cdn LBs led by Cory Greenwood (who could start) and solid special teamer Blair Smith.

Current Needs:
What the Esks really need is something to show for their first selection. Of the past 5 players the Esks have used their first pick on 3 are still in the NFL, 1 is no longer part of the team, and 1 was injured for all but 1 game last season. The Esks really need to land someone who can contribute in 2017 with their first pick.

They currently have only 5 Cdn O-lineman under contract so that is likely an area to focus on (unless they think they can get through the whole season injury-free). The sudden retirement of Nate Coehoorn leaves big hole for them in terms of ratio. Last season they started 3 Cdn receivers so they will either need another Cdn receiver to start or adjust the ratio. Moving Cory Greenwood to a starter is an option (though given his health that would require a solid back-up plan). They could also move to starting 4 Cdn OL which would also require adding some depth as a back-up plan. They have just one Cdn D-lineman but I don’t see that being a concern given their intent to play an all American front 4

Whoever is making the picks for the Esks will be looking to distance themselves from the Hervey legacy, and that means picking a player who they can expect in training camp. Given that they aren’t overly concerned about D-lineman, that leaves O-line as the obvious place to use their first pick. A relatively safe pick like Qadr Spooner or Dariusz Bladek would fit that. If by some chance Hamilton passes on Danny Vandervoot at #4 the Esks may be inclined to forgo that strategy based on the Coehoorn departure. Round 2 will see them look to add a Receiver such as Nate Behar or Mitch Picton (provided they didn’t land one in Round 1).

Monday, April 17, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Ottawa RedBlacks

We start our CFL Draft team previews with the defending champions. Obviously you don’t win the Grey Cup without solid Canadian content and the RedBlacks certainly have that. Offseason departures have given that content a hit, though they are far from being in dire straits.

Picks: 8 picks, first selection is #9

2016 Draft Assessment: Got a big win with their #7 overall pick Jason Lauzon-Seguin who started 12 games as a rookie, primarily at tackle. That alone makes the draft a success. As for the rest of the draft, mostly depth players like Mikael Charland and Randy Beardy, and players like Jamal Kett and Kyle Fraser Audit looking to make the team in year 2. Interesting play to watch is 3rd round pick Mehdi Abdesmad who is still down south. Overall a decent draft for a team with minimal needs.

Potential Pipeline: DL Mehdi Abdesmad (NFL - Tennessee), TE Tyler Digby (lacrosse)

Current Strengths: Very good depth on both sides of the trenches. On the O-line they have guys like Gott, MacMillan, Mateas, Lauzon-Seguin and Albright. On the D-line, Evans has developed into a stud in the middle (guess Ottawa is lucky a short-sighted GM left him unprotected in the expansion draft, not that I'm still bitter about that) and they have Williams and Gascon-Nadon on the end with Marshall and Lattanzio for depth. A bit of a down year for Antoine Pruneau but he’s still starting material. Also have a solid starter in Brad Sinopoli. They could easily start 8 Canadians (and often do).

Current Needs: If they plan on maintaining 4 starting Cdn OL like they did at the end of last season than more depth is needed there (especially given the offseason departure of J’Michael Deane). Not convinced they have the depth needed to replace Pruneau if he goes down, so another playmaking DB/LB would be a good add. Also given that they gave Milo the boot (he reportedly hit the uprights on the way out), there is some uncertainty at kicker. There isn’t necessarily a starting calibre kicker in the draft but likely a late round addition to the kicking competition is in order.

Beyond that, the RedBlacks have the luxury of taking the best player available.

Prediction: I see them going defense in Round 1. I can’t see Eli Ankou still being there at #9 so for D-line possibly  Faith Ekakitie or Kwaku. I think the greater need is an LB/DB depth so most likely they end up with like Christophe Mulumba or Dondre Wright. Round 2 sees them address OL depth. The mid to late rounds will be used to add WR and LB depth as well as the previously mentioned kicker.

Monday Morning Sentimonies: CFL Draft Preview

Today I begin my annual CFL Draft coverage. I would say highly anticipated coverage but "likely anticipated by at least one person" coverage. 

What amazes me every year is the phenomenal growth in interest and coverage surrounding the draft. When I began doing this, I was almost the only person not named Duane Ford or the draftees' parents who cared or even seemed to know this event existed. Now there are more draft profiles and mock drafts than I can count (for any non-Rider fans reading this I will pause here and allow you your mandatory joke about Riders and counting... go on, I'll wait). I think it's awesome for the sport and for the CFL. I mean I'm a pretty smart dude but if the country was still relying solely on me for draft coverage it would be somewhat problematic.

So today I begin my CFL Team Preview series, where we look at the strengths, weaknesess, needs and possible draft strategy for each team. And hopefully we have some fun along the way*.

*Disclaimer: Author cannot guarantee fun.*

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Delayed

There will be no sentimonies today. I may have thought it was a good idea to gut my bathroom over the weekend and start the process of redoing it. THe wording in the previous sentence was very deliberate as I no longer think it was a good idea and I am far from being done the process.

I will return next monday when I kick off my highly anticipated... err critically acclaimed... err well my annual CFL Draft coverage.

Wish me luck.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: A New Tradition

As the Riders move from historic Taylor Field (aka old Mosaic) I have been thinking about the opportunity this inaugural season presents to start some new traditions. There are so many cool things going on in the sporting world like the All Blacks' Haka, Wisconsin's Jump Around, even stadiums where fans yell first down in unison. With our new stadium it would be super cool if we could institute a new tradition. What we need is something unique, original like Green is the Colour and the 13th Man (which were totally not just copied from other teams).

So I took it upon myself to come up with a number of suggestions on what that new tradition could be. However, anyone who knows me knows could likely surmise that what I came up with was less plausible/appropriate and more comedic/ridiculous. So they were all summarily rejected by the Riders. And so I present to you

Rider Prophet's Top 7 Reject Ideas For New Traditions

7 - Roman Candles
Fireworks after a scoring play are common practice, but what about taking it to the next level and have 30,000 fans light off Roman Candles after a TD. Obviously there are some minor legal and safety concerns to work though but just think how cool it would look.
6 - Release the Gophers
Instead of having one mascot gopher circle the stadium, this idea involved a trained pack of real gophers doing a lap around the field. The main concern here was the fact that this is Saskatchewan and people would try and shoot them.
5 - Light It Up
This one requires a bit of forward thinking. Given that weed will soon be legal in Canada (and the fact that its not like its uncommon now), we could start a tradition where a puff of smoke 30,000 people strong celebrates a score. It would certainly be popular with the players.
4 - Snowmobile Doing Flips
This one is really self explanatory. Give the people what they want.

3 - Left Shark
Remember the infamous left shark from the Katy Perry halftime? Put that guy in a Rider jersey and its solid gold. (I may have put this one in there purely for my own self interest)


2 - Take It Off
So hear me out on this one. We make it a game day tradition that if the Riders score, the cheerleaders remove an article of clothing. And to ensure we give equal opportunity here, if our opponents score, the make cheerleaders remove an article clothing. What this idea lacks in decency, morality, taste and taking into account the harsh prairie winters it more than makes up for in mass appeal.

1 - Obscure Song
People love to sing along to Sweet Caroline so a sing along is bound to be a crowd pleasure. But in order to make it unique to Saskatchewan we need to pick a song that is a bit off the beaten path (and no I'm not talking about the Last Saskatchewan Pirate). How about I Like to Move It, Thong Song or Tubthumping. As long as we are singing in unison.