Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: CFL Draft Preview

Today I begin my annual CFL Draft coverage. I would say highly anticipated coverage but "likely anticipated by at least one person" coverage. 

What amazes me every year is the phenomenal growth in interest and coverage surrounding the draft. When I began doing this, I was almost the only person not named Duane Ford or the draftees' parents who cared or even seemed to know this event existed. Now there are more draft profiles and mock drafts than I can count (for any non-Rider fans reading this I will pause here and allow you your mandatory joke about Riders and counting... go on, I'll wait). I think it's awesome for the sport and for the CFL. I mean I'm a pretty smart dude but if the country was still relying solely on me for draft coverage it would be somewhat problematic.

So today I begin my CFL Team Preview series, where we look at the strengths, weaknesess, needs and possible draft strategy for each team. And hopefully we have some fun along the way*.

*Disclaimer: Author cannot guarantee fun.*

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