Monday, April 24, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Hamilton Ti-Cats

Picks: 7 picks, first selection is 4th Overall

2016 Draft Assessment: Landed a stud OL in Brandon Revenberg with the 3rd overall pick. He will likely be a mainstay in that O-line for years. I’m not really sure why they drafted Mercer Timmis in the 2nd round but he certainly has potential if they ever decide to use him. The pick I would keep my eye on is 3rd rounder LB Terrell Davis. I think he will grow into a solid special teamer/rotational defender for them. Overall a pretty good result for the Cats.

Potential Pipeline: DL Brent Urban (Baltimore)

Current Strengths: They have ample starting calibre Canadians (many of whom are or have been all-stars): Butler, Laurent, Stephen, Bomben, Revenberg, Filer, Capicciotti and Watt (as least as a token Cdn WR). They have a solid core of depth/special teamers (mainly due to their recent history of drafting a ridiculous amount of LBs).

Current Needs: The Ti-cats’ issues in not finding starters but ensuring adequate depth behind them. They have just 5 Cdn OL under contract. Given that they are likely to start 2 Cdn DBs (Butler and Stephen), they don’t have near the depth there they need. Particularly when you consider that Butler is coming off major knee injury and hasn’t played in a year. Depth behind Laurent and Capicciotti is thin as well with only Atkinson and Gill (who I wouldn’t count on given that he seems to always be hurt). The other big hole is the one left by Andy Fantuz. It’s likely he returns to the Ti-Cats once he’s healthy but who knows when that will be and given his age, they need to start thinking of the future. Lastly, for the second year in a row they currently have no kicker. Bold strategy (thought it worked out alright for them last year so why not do it again?)

Prediction:  WR Danny Vandervoot at #4 just makes way too much sense. He’s by far the best WR in the draft. They need a young Cdn WR.  It’s not like picking an impact OL or a DL would be a bad pick at #4 so they can't really go wrong (well ok there are many ways to go wrong, just ask Joe Mack). But Vandervoot is the odds on favourite here. Also, given past history, expect them to take no less than 5 LBs in the draft.


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