Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: The Three Faces of Chris Jones

In December of 2015 Chris Jones was named Supreme Overlord in Saskatchewan. He was given full control over pretty much everything except what I put on my game day burger and even then he probably has some sway if he so chooses. I still honestly cannot believe that we are damn near 3 years into his tenure and the black jerseys have yet to be revived. I mean, come one... it's a match made in heaven!

Anyway, with 2+ years of experience in Chris Jones' empire reviews are decidedly mixed. To be fair, Jones' popularity in this province has followed the path of pretty much every coach that has preceded him. Win and they line up to fellate him. Lose and they line up to burn you at the stake. It's what we do and there is literally no middle ground. But because Jones does not possess the warm friendliness or engaging personality of a Ken Miller  or Danny Barrett, the scrutiny is far more intense during times of loss. Also he really has no one else to blame but himself good or bad. 

Today since we are coming off a bye week and there is no game to talk about (other than the epic choke job that Winnipeg put up) I thought I would take a look at how Chris Jones is doing at each of his 3 main roles: Defensive Coordinator, Head Coach and GM. 

Chris Jones the D-Coordinator
For all the knocks against Jones since he arrived in Saskatchewan (and there are many) he remains a damn good defensive coach. He can be stubborn (the 3 man rush is second only to black button up shirts in terms of things he loves) and sometimes takes the whole mad scientist thing a little too far to the mad side of things (Duron the DB, the rookie receiver he made our safety, etc...) but at the end of the day the man gets results. It took him a little over a year to assemble a credible starting 12 on D here but once he did they were rock solid. Last season they finished 2nd only to Calgary in points allowed. The also finished 3rd in turnovers forced. This was quite the feat given that they started the year with a league low 5 turnovers through 6 games and then finished with a league high 35 over the remaining 12 games. D has been and continues to be the strength of our team. Chris Jones the D-Coordinator is doing an outstanding job.

Chris Jones the Head Coach
This is where some kinks start to appear in Jones' black armour (for the record I know that "kinks in the armour" is not the real expression. I just can't bring myself to type the real one. It seems wrong even by my low standards). Wins are the most important stat in this department and Jones sits at 17-23 as a Rider. If you exclude the first 10 weeks of 2016 where he essentially blew up our roster, pissed on the ashes and tried a complete rebuild in a matter of a few months, he's gone 16-14 since. The problem is that 4th is the highest we've finished in the west division. Honestly Jones' biggest flaw as a coach is his unwavering faith in Steve McAdoo. I don't think McAdoo is incompetent but when you look at some of the stuff he is known for (refusal to run, random insertion of 3rd string qb at dumb times) there has to be a bit of concern at some point (particularly this year where we have just 4 TDs all season). Throw in  the QB carousel  and a few other oddities and you get some legit reasons to doubt Jones as a coach. But though he may be unconventional (putting it mildly), the man gets results. He took the Esks from a 4 win season in 2013 to a Grey Cup in two years and was 1 play away from getting the Riders to the Cup two years after inheriting a 3 win team. He has a lot to prove yet this season but all and all I'm still willing to count him as a pretty good head coach.

Chris Jones the GM
GM Jones is by far the face of Jones that draws the most scrutiny... and rightly so. As per the Peter Principle they say people are promoted to their level of incompetence. While I won't call Jones an incompetent GM there is some level of truth to this in his case. There are 3 mains tools a GM has to build a winning team: scouting, drafting and free agency. As a scout Jones is actually fairly decent. He has brought in guys like Kacy Rodgers, Justin Cox, Crezdon Butler, Sam Eguavoen, Derrick Moncrief, Tobi Antigha, Caleb Holley, Jordan-Williams Lambert. Dude can actually find talent. Now its not all rainbows and unicorns. There's some crazy thrown in there: Vince Young, that thing that never happened with Manziel, Khalif Mitchell, pre-practice squad, the basketball player we tried to convert to starting D-line in a matter of weeks and so on. So its not perfect but of the 3 GM roles scouting is the one Jones does best. Drafting that's another story. We currently have as many draft picks in the NFL (4) as we do on our starting roster. With the exception of 2017 where we nabbed Bladek and Judge, Jones' drafting has been nothing short of abject failure. I mean sure St John could suddenly get healthy and become a phenom and change the narrative but at this points that seems about as likely as me praising the strategic genius of shot gun formation on 3rd and 1. 

As bad as drafting has been, free agency has likely been the worst. It's not that we don't sign quality players but we either sign guys who don't last long or we sign guys that we really didn't need in the first place. This is a by no means exhaustive list of high profile FAs who didn't even last a full season here: Shawn Lemon, Justin Cappiccioti, Curtis Steele, Kendial Lawrence, John Chiles. Add in guys like Dennis, Muamba, Chambers, Grant, Owens, LaFrance who lasted just 1 year before we cut them and a concerning pattern emerges. Sure we had success with Jefferson, Gainey, Evans and Duron though I would argue that given his near $200k salary using him at DB is awful cap management. As is paying Jerome Messam 6 figures to not run the ball.  The hope was that having a guy like John Murphy (and to a lesser extent Jeremy O'Day) here that the risk of Supreme Overlord Jones stretching himself too thin was sufficiently mitigated. I don't know if Murphy was just over hyped due to riding Hufnagel's coat tails or if Jones just over rules all his good ideas but we certainly are lacking overall in this department.

This 3rd season will likely be the defining one (good or bad) for all 3 faces of Chris Jones here in Saskatchewan. Remains to be seen which direction this will go.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Thoughts: Assessing The Rest

With the Riders on bye I thought I would take this opportunity to a) experience the joy of not being disappointed by our offense for one week and b) give a random smattering of thoughts on the other 8 teams. Like most of my sentimonies these are in no particular order nor are they well thought out, researched or possibly accurate. It's definitely a mail it in Friday for me.

BC Lions - Not sure if Wally had become the stereotypical "coasting in retirement" guy but that team looks awful and its not due to lack of talent.  Obviously the continued struggles of Jennings set the tone for the whole team. Lulay is being looked to as the saviour. I like the guy but have we all forgotten just how not durable he is? 

Calgary Stampeders - The calendar may change but the dominance of the Stamps doesn't. They are once again the top team in the league. Though I would like to see them play a West team before declaring them West Champs... just not us. Don't really want to see that.

Edmonton Eskimos - Their defense is struggling (though injuries do play a part as 3 starters are currently out) but that offense keeps bailing them out. What I have noticed this year (other than Jason Maas' continued ass-hattery) is that this high powered O is prone to periods of inconsistency that we haven't seen in the past. Still the most potent O in my opinion but they can be corralled. 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Feel the need to remind people that the Riders and Bombers have the same record. As much as the Bombers are suddenly the golden child with Nichols back and we are sinking fast. We are currently the same. But I digress... with Bighill on D and Nichols back on O, the Bombers looked pretty solid. Still think that Richie Hall D will cost them when they face better opponents but certainly up there in terms of West contenders... at least if Harris stays healthy (which I'm convinced at some point his workload catches up with him).

Ottawa RedBlacks - The good news for them is that they are done playing Calgary. Their O should carry them through in the East. Still the concern over Trevor Harris' ability to become an elite QB is not quieting down. Remember all that hype about how many combined yards Diontae Spencer would get and what records he could break? That certainly did not pan out.

Hamilton Ti-Cats - While I think the Ti-Cats are an improved team and that Masoli is a damn good player, I think they have maybe been over-hyped thus far. They beat an Edmonton team with a depleted secondary and a Winnipeg team without their starting QB. I think their D has improved from last year but I wonder if other teams have started to figure out the June Jones offense.

Toronto Argos - If I was to pick a team to have a strong second half, it would be Toronto.I think the O will improve the more experience Franklin gets and the D at some point will welcome back Taylor Reed and Bear Woods from injury. It's not how you start, it's how you finish (that's what she said, though she said "how quickly you finish" for some reason). Could be a slow start but I see them as a dangerous team come playoffs

Montreal Alouettes - I still can't believe we lost to them. That one will sting for a while. Their brutal and their only hope is turning things over to Vernon Adams and hoping he's been worth all the hype (dude has been traded more than he's started).

Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: We Won?

Riders 18 - Ti-Cats 13

Apparently all that's needed for a Rider win is for me to completely give up hope on them. You're welcome. Calls into question my ability to keep calling myself a prophet but my blog, my rules. If you haven't soured on me by this point, I doubt this will be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Thursday's win was certainly unexpected. We just lost to Montreal, Hamilton had just beat 2 west teams. But in the CFL logic tends not to be of much use. For example: we beat Hamilton, who beat Edmonton, who beat Winnipeg, who beat Montreal, who beat us. Good luck sorting that equation out. But logic be damned... we won!!! The win has been characterized as ugly... which I think is an insult to actual ugly things but we are not exactly in a position to be complaining about how the wins come.

The Riders are a team with a split personality. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide Your Face In Embarrassment if you will. Our defense... looked like world beaters. They shut down a very potent offensive attack and unquestionably won us the the game. The offense... looked like a group of people that would struggle to score even if the opponents carried them to the 1 yard line and pushed them in the right direction.

Let's start on a positive note with the defense. For all the knocks on Chris Jones the GM and Head Coach (and there are many), he remains a damn good defensive coordinator. He threw looks at the Ti-Cats that they clearly weren't expecting. Hell I've watched every snap of the Chris Jones tenure and I wasn't expecting it. First they played match-up in the secondary. And not ill-advised ones like killed us against Montreal. We bumped Gainey outside and locked him on Banks. Jovon was moved inside. Duron was moved to cover Tolliver (a way better match-up both in terms of speed and size). Duron is still a serviceable at best DB but we managed to hide that fact with a great game plan. We also sent a ton of pressure. According to Derek Taylor at TSN, we blitzed over 50% of the time, an unheard of rate for Chris Jones. The result was a a ton of pressure on Masoli and a lack of offensive output as a result. Throw in some crazy looks like Duron play centre field and Antigha playing safety (C'mon Maosli! Didn't you account for the D-end playing safety on that INT?) and you have a dominant performance. Sure we gave up a lot of yards but we allowed 0 TDs, got 3 sacks and forced 3 turnovers (one of which went for one of the slowest defensive TDs in recent memory). That was the D we expected to see coming into this year. Great game plan, great execution, high effort on the field.

One thing that really surprised me was seeing Hamilton abandon the run so early. On their first drive they seemed to run at will, with their RBs gaining 42 yards on 6 carries (7 yards per attempt). They handed off just 6 more times in the entire game. Seems an odd strategy given the issues our pressure was giving their passing game but then again its not exactly like a Rider fan should be giving offensive advice to anyone.

As good as our defense was, our offense can best be described as pulling a homer:

It has been a while since I have seen this level of incompetence offensively. I mean say what you will about Nealon Greene and the Prairie Offense at least they had a coherent strategy... even if it was a terrible one. I can't imagine why an offense that rotates 2 QBs and 3 RBs seemingly at random, its having issues getting anything going? I may not be Brandon Bridge's biggest fan but Jones needs to decide definitively whether he can get the job done or not. Either we have faith in him or we don't. I don't understand how a pro team can give a guy the majority of starting reps only to pull him after 2 series. If you don't trust him then just make Watford the starter and be done with it. At this point I don't care, just pick one. You can't even say the ridiculous approach is working. Our offense is non-existent. Just 1 TD in each our our first 4 games and we have yet to play a west team. We have many offensive issues but until we get the coaching aspect of that (both personnel and play calling) addressed, we don't have a hope of getting back to even mediocre offensive play.  An awful offensive performance was mercifully salvaged by an amazing catch by Stanford and an opportunistic run by Thiggy. 

The previous rant notwithstanding, a win is a win and I'm happy the Riders found a way to squeeze out a narrow victory. Hopefully the momentum will carry us into the bye where players can heal up and coaches can re-evaluate things. The next stretch (road game followed by 6 straight western opponents) could be a killer. The hope is that, much the BC win last year, this win is just the first step in a mid-season surge by the Riders.I'll remain skeptical until I see some semblance of an offense but as long as we keep finding ways to win I'll be happy. I would gladly cheer a game winning rouge or game winning "opposing player develops sudden onset amnesia and runs into his own endzone for a safety"

Other random thoughts:
- Sure he missed a PAT but Lauther can sure kick. He can definitely be trusted from long range which is huge considering he's our back-up plan.

-  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bridge is better when he's forced to react based on instinct than when he has time to think. It makes it all the more weird that we kept him in the pocket while letting Watford roll out.

- How long before Jerome Messam becomes the next Shawn Lemon? They guy we go out and get in free agency then almost immediately decide we have no use for? I thought it was a dumb idea to sign him but we did so we might as well use him.

- Speaking of Messam, he has clearly taken over the "token Canadian who gets a standing O for even the most negligible offensive gain". It used to be the Szarka role, then Foord, then Clermont, then Bagg... now Messam.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Riders vs. Ti-Cats: So You’re Saying There’s A Chance?

The 2-1 Ti-Cats are in town to face the 1-2 Riders for some Thursday Night football. The forecast calls for warm temperatures, sunny skies, and a high probability of us getting our ass kicked. I’m not going to try and BS here, the Riders are not a very good football team right now and they are playing a team that is. Given that we very recently lost to an awful that doesn’t bode well for our chances.

Any hope we have of winning hinges on our defense. They are like 95% really good and 5% praying that pass attempts are just far enough off target for Duron to intercept it. Hamilton leads the league in offensive yards and Jeremiah Masoli is playing at an unreal level right now. They present a unique challenge to our defense because they use max protection so much. According to TSN, they have 7 blockers on the line of scrimmage on over half their plays. The next closest team is under 20%. Given that our base D is rushing 3 that may pose a problem. For me the bigger issue is our secondary having to contend with Tasker, Tolliver, Saunders and Banks. That’s up there with the best receiving groups in the league. I will assume that in doing his film study for this game, June Jones was smart enough to notice that having a short, fast guy run streaks on Duron is a recipe for success. It just so happens he also has a short, fast guy who can run streaks. We need to give Duron some help there. Mix in some more zone coverage, give him safety help over top, something. Right now that’s the glaring weakness in an otherwise strong D. Hamilton has allowed as many sacks as us (surprising given their love of max protection) so our D-line should be able to get to Masoli. They just need to stay balanced in their pass rush as Hamilton has a good run game and with that many blockers it could cause issues if the D-line just pins its ears back and rushes. Realistically our D needs to keep Hamilton under 20 points for us to have a chance in this. Under 15 would be better.

Offensively my expectations have been so diminished that short of them forgetting their shoes in the locker room, there’s pretty much no way for them to disappoint me. I expect nothing of them and am pretty confident they will deliver that. If there was ever a time for McAdoo to earn his pay cheque its right now. All the garbage he has been doing over the past 2 games needs to go out the window and he needs game plan that will highlight the O’s strengths… or at least better hide their weaknesses. I realize that all the failures of last week aren’t on Bridge but he still looked like garbage and better come out with a better performance this week as leader of the O. Even though he was awful last week I would still look to give a big workload to Thigpen. I would also be willing to give Messam some love. He seems just pissed enough about not touching the ball last game to run angry. Clearly Roosevelt is the go to guy in the air but we need one of the other guys to step up and be a true #2. Last year our O worked good because we had a top tier 1-2 and then a guy like Grant could excel as the 3rd receiver. Right now we have Roosevelt and a whole lot of 3rd receivers. I mean we do have another elite receiver but let’s not bemoan that point. Holley or Williams-Lambert need to step up and take pressure of Roosevelt. Notice how Roosevelt gets killed on damn near ever catch he makes? Because the D currently doesn’t respect any other WRs and can focus solely on him. Be nice to throw less INTs than TDs and given that we only throw 1 TD per game that means we better no screw up.

Could we win this game? Sure. Stranger things have happened. People will point to the BC last year when we suddenly went from written off the relevant. I think we have the talent on D to keep the game close. And its not like Bridge hasn’t eked out games before. I just honestly don’t see Thursday being our night. Unlike last year where we were a talented team that just hadn’t hit its stride, we are currently a team with some glaring deficiencies in our roster.

Hamilton by 14

I'll try and help the Riders' cause by betting money against them. They tend to do things to me out of spite.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Officially The Worst

Ric Flair always said "to be the man, you gotta beat the man". Well the reverse also holds true and the Riders proved on Saturday that to be the worst, you gotta lose to the worst. The Als hadn't won a game in close to a calendar year but apparently the cure for that is a game against the Riders (much like it was for the 2003 Ti-Cats). It was a painfully embarrassing game to watch. I mean, we were outcoached by a guy who couldn't figure out how to take off a headset.

The Riders really only have 2 main weaknesses. They lack an actual DB at corner and they lack any semblance of an offense. One would seem to be a fairly simple thing to correct... at least to anyone whose closet includes more than just black.  The other one is considerably more difficult to fix but there are baby steps we could make. 

If you exclude Duron Carter, our defense actually played a really solid game. 3 sacks, 2 turnovers 1 TD allowed. I mean sure it was against the worst offense... err I mean second worst offense but still they did their job. They allowed just 287 yards and 126 of that was given up by Duron to Chris Williams on 2 catches. So the good news is there is more good than bad on D. The bad news is that is all going to waste because Chris Jones stubbornly refuses to end the Duron at DB experiment. Look its bad enough we insist on playing him there but we had him isolated in press man on Williams all night. It failed pretty much every time. Should we give the speedy Williams a cushion? No. Should we provide safety help over top? Only saw it once and Edem was late getting to the ball. Its compounding bad roster management with bad coaching. We stupidly decided that our roster needed 3 running backs, despite the fact that we are a team that avoids the run generally and one RB didn't touch the ball (the guy making $100K that we HAD to have this offseason)... but a DB? No can't see that helping. 

While the defense is 1 player away from being alright, the offense is a few players and some competent coaching away. I mean they are just awful. We have 3 TDs on the season (Mercer Timmis has 4 in 2 games!) The first play bomb to Thigpen was a great call and a great throw (Its a sign of how poor our offense was that an incomplete pass is worth mentioning). Apparently Thiggy should get back on the PEDs because he didn't look so goo. Beyond that first pass Bridge looked awful. He was panicky and making poor decisions. Granted he received little support up front or from his receivers but still this is a guy who thinks he deserves to be a fulltime starter. I would have rather seen us adjust our play calls to help Bridge out and keep him in rather than going to our third stringer in game 3. That said Watford did give a bit of a spark. Its painful watching a team like Winnipeg and seeing LaPo build an offensive game plan around the strengths/weaknesses of his QB and them watch us just seemingly pull crappy plays from a jar. 

It was an embarrassing game, it was an embarrassing result. We couldn't beat the worst team in the CFL at home... next up Hamilton x2, Calgary x 2 and Edmonton. I recommend buying stock in Wisers because this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Riders vs. Montreal: S’il vous plait

Saturday the Riders return home to face a winless Alouette team. In a short 2 week span the 2018 season has already been a rollercoaster ride of the wonderful highs of week 1 and the gut wrenching lows of pretty much everything that has followed. Still it could be worse… our opponents on Saturday has experienced nothing but lows. They have missed the playoffs for 3 straight seasons winning a total of 16 games (that’s an average of 4 per year for those that care about math). And they are well on their way to making it 4 straight. So yeah the Als are bad and my only thought all week has been… Please don’t F this up!

I don’t like getting overly dramatic (it’s a long season and a lot can happen) but if we don’t win this game, I think we can pretty safely say that we’re screwed. This is a home game; against a team with quite possibly the least qualified trio of GM, Coach and QB in recent memory; that is playing embarrassingly bad football (I wonder why?). This is a game we have to win if we consider ourselves contenders.

We will have to do so without our starting QB as Collaros is headed to the 6-game to recover from his concussion. An outcome that is not entirely unsurprising when you track how we assembled our O-line. That means Brandon Bridge will get the start. Bridge will be leading an offensive unit, whose recent performance can be called offensive. Just 2 TDs to show over 2 games. Hopefully he’s been working on his cardio condition because based on how our OL blocks he’s going to be on the move a fair bit. The good news is that he faces the worst defense (by far) in the CFL. The Als are averaging 39 points per game allowed and allowing more yards than anyone. They do have talented players in their ranks (Muamba, Westerman, Campbell, White) so they aren’t just going to lay down for us but they are a unit we should be able to move the ball on. Over the first 2 games no one has allowed more rushing yards so that would be a good place to start. I expect to see a heavy dose of Thigpen fresh off his suspension. We just need to be smart with the ball. Montreal’s offense is terrible (read more about that in the next paragraph) so if we limit turnovers even a mediocre offensive showing (mediocre offense? That’s where we’re a viking!) should be enough to win this for us.

Defensively, we need to show up first and foremost. Last week the D looked flat and slow. Need to feed off that home crowd and come out guns a blazin’. We are facing the only O-line more embarrassing than ours so our front four (including the newly acquired Brooks) should have a monster game. As much as it goes against Jones’ philosophy I would be sending pressure all night. Neither Willy nor his O-line can handle the pressure (Winnipeg used a lot of blitzes) and it has the added bonus of helping neutralize Terell Sutton (about the only good thing they have on O… though he gets used less than a McAdoo RB for some reason, most likely based in forensics). They have capable receivers and have proven they can hit the long bomb so we need to eliminate that. But half of Drew Willy’s pass attempts this season have been for 3 yards or less. Cover those quick outlets and send pressure and you eliminate 75% of the Als playbook. This is one Willy that does not perform well under pressure.   Let’s face it… Drew Willy, behind that line, with Sherman coaching should not outduel our defense. They have thus far averaged 10 points a game and I see no reason that should increase.

I think this game will start out closer and more stressful than it should be but it the end we will prevail in a decisive victory

Riders by a Thigpen TD. Gettin' Thiggy It! 

Also, going to predict another Duron pick 6 even though it will only further reinforce the misconceived notion that he is a good DB.

Please, please, please don't F this up!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Guest Article: 4 (IN)FAMOUS FIBS

This article was written by a friend of the blog, Terry Ott -
"Cigarette smoking is no more addictive than coffee, tea or Twinkies."
James Johnston, CEO, RJ Reynolds, later part of a perjury probe, (used as "expert" info by NFL)

"Paul is dead"
Those freaks, according to John Lennon

"Absence of CTE"
Dr. Charles Tator "study"

"The science on CTE is unclear."
Randy  Ambrosie, CFL commishinor

Why do people lie?

Well, according to a piece in the June 2017 issue of National Geographic, for several reasons, really.

In a study partly done by the University of Toronto, it was found that of those aged 45-77, 37% of that group tell one to five lies daily, with an additional 10% fibbing more than 5 times per 24 hours. That, is a lot of deception.

Of those litany of lies, it was further found by Oakland University that 53% of the lies spun in the above group were told to cover up a mistake, to mislead, and gain an economic or personal advantage.

Is this the scenario employed by the CFL, and some others, including a "renown" Canadian doctor when addressing the public health crisis of football concussions and CTE?

Some of the new and updated information may help to understand and flesh out the above possibility.

A prominent Canadian health care professional who has been involved in concussion research and treatment for over 20 years said that the "research" done by Dr. Charles Tator, and his continual questioning of the cause  of CTE, led to the pro's eventual disengagement with Canadian concussion conferences because he believed "the fix is in," and saw no further use in attending.

Speaking on condition of anon due to what he called Tator's overarching influence and media loved reputation and his standing in the Canadian medical community, the health pro said of the Order of Canada member, "many fear going against him. That's been a major factor all along. The man has tentacles all over. He can influence all of them."

The health care professional also said that in 2015, he witnessed "the perpetual smile wiped from (Tator's) face" when a fellow colleague dared question the master's perpetual denying of the concussion related nature of the development of CTE. "He was not amused, that day," said the source.

According to the health pro, Tator has embarked on the deny concussions=CTE cause mainly for professional and legacy and egotistical reasons, looking to make a contrarian name for himself in the face of overwhelming evidence that CTE is the direct-and near only-result of sports concussion injury. 

If it assists the CFL in their denials that would be friendly, accommodating, collateral cooperation, and not much more according to the source, who like some others in the medical community consider the "Absence Of" study to be a made to order job, or at best, a badly misguided farce.

The pro also said that Tator is cozy with Ontario government representatives, advising a cabinet minister on Rowan's Law, put forth in memory of 17 year old soccer player who died from concussion injury.

Tator has this to say on the Rowan's Law site:

“I became a doctor because I wanted to help people. I became a brain and spinal surgeon. I realized that trauma often caused such severe damage to the brain and spinal cord that I could not put the pieces back together. I was frustrated that I could repair skull or spinal fractures, but not the severely injured brain or spinal cord.

I learned that prevention is the only cure”

And virtually every article or broadcast done on concussions in Canada contains a nod or opine from the TSN described, "renown" Tator.As member of the Order of Canada, the doctor appears to be seen as a sort of patriotic medical Dudley Do-Right by most of the  nationalistic Canadian media,in spite of his continuing questioning of CTE cause and despite the world class CTE research done by Boston University which now shows definitively that CTE is the result of sports concussions. And yet, still,uch of the Canadian media appear to be unaware of this fact, ignoring it, or even suppressing it.
Inline image
Look, to put it in plain English, most of the Canadian media is in the bag to Tator and remain blissfully unaware of all the obvious discrepancies of what he is preaching. It is a black mark on Canadian journalism, although I doubt the main offenders even give a damn. In the privileged world they inhabit, sucking up to the "renown" is pro forma.

But here is one of the very few-announcing the passing of Rowan's law-that does not have Tater as a spokesperson.

And one of the only sane voices in the Canadian media CTE wilderness comes from the CBC Fifth Estate's Bob McKeown, a former CFL player who says that "common sense" should be enough to link concussions with CTE:

So, even though Tator is very active in Canadian media talking about concussions, the doctor talking about concussions and CTE is another matter. References by Tator to concussions causing CTE, now a world wide accepted premise, are few and far between, and have been since he published his odd "Absence of CTE" study in 2012 with the CFL providing some degree of funding, and accordingly,what Tator described in a 2013 email as the league being "more helpful."

In fact, in this video from 2012, Tator emphasizes how he needs funding-he says it requires "a lot of money"- to investigate concussions and brain disease, as well as "co-operation." And perhaps not coincidentally, around this time, the "Absence Of" study was hatched.

And now the strange and confounding case of the former offensive lineman, turned CFL commissioner, and  CTE denier.

Randy Ambrosie, Winnipeg, Manitoba native, big, genial smiling guy with the perpetual can-do attitude is the national face of CTE denial.

Back in the day he played 9 seasons in the CFL, and won a Grey Cup with the Edmonton Eskimos in his final year in the league in 1993.

Ambrosie then joined the Canadian Football League Players' Association as secretary, and according to a Wikipedia post, was involved in the failed expansion of the CFL into the US which almost destroyed the league, and did wreck it's credibility.

Then Ambrosie replaced the previous CFL commissioner who raised eyebrows in 2015 when he too denied a link between concussions and CTE in the midst of the Arland Bruce III concussion injury lawsuit.

So when Ambrosie took the helm early in the 2017 season, there was some optomosim that he would finally address, honestly, the crisis of concussion injury and CTE in the CFL.

No such luck.

In the beginning of his term, he said some things about concussions and brain disease that seemed rather reasonable and not surprisingly, CFL fan boys like Justin Dunk immediately heaped praise on him.

But when he appeared before the media and the fans prior to the 2017 Grey Cup, it was major eyebrow raising time again.

The media, for a change, actually asked a serious CTE question, and Randy clumsily stickhandled around it, eventually proclaiming the old, "unclear" science nonsense, or even lie and he even gave (another) obtuse answer to a star CFL player, on "player safety."

Then in the fan forum, when one fan finally got round to popping a concussion question 45 minutes into the feel-good gig, even the host looked uncomfortable as she handed off the question to Ambrosie who did a long, unrelated discourse before winding down and finally addressing the concussion/CTE issue as one of again, "unclear" science, which anyone so interested knows is cover your legal ass absurd and disenguenis clap trap. I don't even think.Randy believes it as it is antithetical to (valid) current research and has already been admitted by the NFL-5 years ago!

An even as an offensive lineman, he ain't that dumb.

Randy keeps crowing about "the experts," who not surprisingly include Tator and some of his crew, and of course if he relies solely on those "experts," perhaps some of the CTE denials would make some sort of sense, if not still being obviously morally wrong.

But despite some contradictions to the contrary, the CFL is not that stupid, ether.

They know exactly what is going on, have managed since 2010 with the help of much of the Canadian media to muddy the waters on CTE and still believe what with a nice media hand up they can continue to kick the can down the road until some kind of miracle arrives to exempt them from legal action.This is a completely immoral and unsustainable position to take, and yet, this is Canada...

Historians of the CFL will note that in 1974, the Canadian government was prepared to legislate the upstart World Football League out of Toronto reasoning that it would "destroy" the CFL. When the WFL cried uncle and took off for long distance information Memphis,Tennessee, the ridiculous notion was put in a drawer for, as they used to like to say in the CFL, "future considerations."

It may seem like a paranoid lawyer's bridge too far, but would not such an issue on redux be a vote-getter for a phony politician running in next year's federal election? You know, the party that "saved" the league from those evil, blood thirsty, greedy lawyers relying on  notions  of Trumpian Yanks outta Boston?

Granted, that scenario is pretty much outta left field, but so is a lot of other happenings over the past 10 years in this many times nonsensical "Absence of CTE" league and Johnny Manziel country continuing banal soap opera, so like,stay tuned, eh?

The bottom line on the CTE issue is the CFL, as a league, and Randy Ambrosie as commissioner, and former player and human being, and even Tator-ironically faculty at the University of Toronto that informs on lying- if anyway possible, would do much better to tell the truth, putting the study on lies on the shelf, and then do the right thing.