Friday, September 4, 2015

Labour Day Classic 2015: Riders vs. Bombers

In a normal year I would be relishing the chance to pen my annual Labour Day post (half of which is generally dedicated to insulting the Bombers and the inbred halfwits that populate their home province). The Bombers even took the courtesy of serving themselves up on a platter this year. They are a terrible team. Just 3 wins. No offense to speak of. A QB situation so desperate that they had to bring in Matt Nichols just to improve at the position and will likely be reduced to starting Brian Brohm. I mean this is a dream situation for a purveyor of irreverent commentary such as myself.

There’s just one problem… As bad as the Bombers are, the Riders are much worse. I mean pretty much anything I say can be countered with “0 and 9” or “have you seen your defense?… because we sure haven’t” and so forth. The Riders’ propensity for craptasticness (now there’s a combination of words I bet you won’t see anywhere else) is really putting a damper on my ability to insult the Bombers and their fans who are plagued by terrible hygiene and a 1st grade reading level.

But what would Labour Day be without trash talk? (even if both teams are so terrible that it essentially becomes an argument over which STD is the least bad) So let’s get to it!
Sunday we get the highly anticipated Brohm v Smith match-up that is sure to take the “Classic” to new heights. We also get to see what happens when an offense that couldn’t score even with assistance of Bill Cosby takes on a defense that couldn’t stop a team made up of amputees, the elderly and mannequins. I’m jacked up for this game as usual but if we are being honest with ourselves, there will likely be highly quality football being played in neighbourhood parks over the weekend.  The Bob Dyce era begins Sunday… though it would be more appropriate to call it the Bob Dyce period or occurrence as it will only last for the next 9 games. 

Offensively, Brett Smith has been given a vote of confidence by Dyce and O’day… and the entire province for that matter. I haven’t seen an issue unite a province quite like the benching of Smith did in a while. As much as I like Smith, he needs to play better for us to win. If we look at it objectively he is completing just over 60% of his passes, averaging under 175 passing yards throwing at least a pick a game. Now Smith is not in this alone. A competent OC would use his big RB who is averaging 7 yards per carry to take the pressure off the young QB. I have my doubts if that will ever happen under Chapdelaine but one can always hope (Allen is sneaking back on the roster so that’s a positive sign we might actually run more). Winnipeg has allowed the second most points and have the 2nd worst run defense. That said I have noticed a marked improvement in their play over the past few weeks, particularly in the front 4. After 6 games they had just 7 sacks but over the past 3 games they have added 11 more. Keeping that pass rush at bay will be key. If we let them run wild I expect they will force Smith into making mistakes. Run the ball (please, please, please) and use quick passes to get the ball out and slow down the pass rush.

Defensively, I will really be watching see if there is a noticeable change with Chamblin gone. I’m not expecting any earth shattering changes but it will be interesting to see if Quick runs things a bit different now that he has full autonomy (well any autonomy really). Our defense is an embarrassment so it’s not like he can do worse.  Consider that the Riders have allowed 190 point after halftime this season (average of 21 per game)… there are teams that haven’t allowed that much in total.

Brian Brohm is likely to start the game (though I highly doubt he goes the distance. Expect Nichols or Davis to make an appearance). Brohm has a QB rating of 32… 32 (the only thing that exceeds that is the average IQ of a Manitoban). Pairing a terrible QB with the Bellefool offense (if you can even call it an offense) predictably leads to an anaemic offense. What does worry me about that offense is Cameron Marshall. He is a big, hard running RB who is hard to bring down even for good defenses. I realize Bellefeuille is far from good offensive mind but I expect even he is capable of determining that running Marshall at us until we prove we can stop it is the best plan. What’s his alternative? Let Brohm throw? Hahahaha. Priority #1 is stop the run. Regardless of who is throwing, I think even our sad sack D can win out if it comes down to a stable of not very good QBs executing the Bellefeuille offense having to win the game through the air. Along with stopping the run our D-line needs to dominate the line of scrimmage. Winnipeg has allowed 31 sacks this year (I’d hate to imagine how much worse it would be if the team didn’t beef up their OL in the offseason). This turnover binge we have been on (6 in the last 2 games after 2 through the first) would be nice to keep rolling. Though if Brohm has any redeeming quality it’s that his passes are so awful to even defenders have trouble tracking them down.

I really find it tough to be this confident about a winless team but I think we should beat the Bombers provided we don’t do stupid things to give them life. Stupid things like penalties, turnovers, big special teams return, failing to defend a hail mary. Avoid the stupid things and we win.

Riders by 10.

I suggest you soak in this game… its might be our only chance to witness a victory in person this year. 

I’ll end with a few Labour Day jokes that I’ve pulled out of the vault:

What do you get when you put all the Bomber Cheerleaders in the same room?
A full set of teeth

Why did OJ Simpson want to move to Manitoba?
Everyone has the same DNA

Why is it so difficult to order two coffees in Winnipeg?

It takes them over 15 years to find another cup

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How Taman and Chamblin Dug Their Own Graves

The ravenous mob that Sunday’s game created in Rider Nation got the blood they were seeking as the Riders have fired both Corey Chamblin and Brendan Taman (and Tino Sunseri! Wooooooo!!!!). Though to be fair, many are probably still wondering when we are going to fire that Chamberlain fellow. It’s quite the rapid fall from grace from a duo that just 2 years ago engineered a Grey Cup Championship team on home turf (an iconic moment in franchise history).

Since I feel compelled to say something about such a huge occurrence with the team I follow... and since stats show a giant upswing in readership coinciding with bad occurrences in Riderville that I would love to capitalize on, I decided to discuss how each man managed to engineer his how demise.

I’ll start with Corey Chamblin… mainly because the reasons he’s current unemployed (very well paid but unemployed) are fairly obvious to even casual followers. While the story of his free fall really begin following the 2013 Grey Cup, there were aspects that were there all along. For one he always preferred playing vets to developing young players. That’s why 2013 suited him perfectly because he had a roster full of talented vets. As the core of that Cup team dwindled and got old, Corey’s aversion to young guys eventually started to bite him in the ass and led to us bringing in guys like Tisdale because he had failed to develop a competent alternative in house. He also went through assistant coaches like they were disposable plates. In his 3.5 years as coach, he changed offensive coordinator twice, defensive coordinator once and special teams coordinator once. Not one of these changes were because the coordinators left for better things… all were a Chamblin decision.

The steady decline of his coaching decisions starting 2014 was really what dug his grave (dig up stupid) . There was his refusal to employ a QB coach after Khari Jones; the “you fumble and you’re benched policy” for his running backs; the decision to take over as defensive coordinator (a move that highlighted the fact that he isn’t really a good DC and spread his focus too thin to be an effective HC); the poor clock management; the lack of preparedness; the lack of discipline; the benching of Anthony Allen again (Chamblin must really not like him); the inability to adapt or improve; most importantly the inability to win… 2 wins since last Labour Day just don’t cut it. The asinine handling of Brett Smith on Sunday was merely just the straw that broke the camel’s back. It made clear to the team that Chamblin was not going to turn things around… no matter how much time he was given. His ego will define his fall from most beloved man in the province to most hated.

As for Taman. Regular readers will know I never liked him from the beginning. In the press conference, Craig Reynolds alluded to a lack of leadership in the GM role as the main reason to fire Taman. Many are taking this to mean that Taman’s inability to reign in Chamblin and his opting to tacitly go along with his coach’s whims despite the downward trajectory of the team was why he was fired. This is certainly a major factor but it can’t be the only one. If it were purely because he couldn’t/wouldn’t control his coach then they would likely have just fired Chamblin and had Taman hire a new coach that he could actually control. Most GM’s do get at least a couple coaching decisions before they are turfed.

Clearly there was more than just coaching which led to Taman finally having an employment status that suits his looks (that’s a hobo joke people. It’s in poor taste but if you wanted good taste you wouldn’t be here). The issue is that Taman wasn’t managing the roster well. Our Canadian talent went from the envy of the league to barely being able to find enough to fill our roster. Our recruiting pipeline (particularly for receivers, linebackers and d ends) was far behind the top teams in the league (I will admit that Chamblin's aversion to young players had a role in this but still you can’t deny that other teams are recruiting more and better talent than we are). Taman does not have a forward thinking bone in his body. His strength is mortgaging the future to plug holes today. It worked perfectly in 2013 as he inherited a solid core roster and made some tweaks (mainly with veteran talent). But as the talent began to erode year over year and the pipeline was not there to replenish them what we are left with was a team whose best players are all over 30 and there is no shining stars ready to take their place.

He constantly traded away our draft picks, leaving us with one high pick and bunch of late round scraps. The result is a team with some solid special team players (Steinhauer, Moore, Regimbald, Webster) but very few starting calibre players. Making matters worse was our inability to retain the Canadian talent we had. In just 2 shorts years we lost Shologan, Evans, Butler, Newman, Heenan, Hurl, Pierzchalski (i.e. every top end Cdn player not named Watman or Ainsworth… neither of which are starters).

In all honesty we should have fired him immediately the second someone got wind that he made Chris Getzlaf the highest paid receiver in the league. That is gross incompetence at its finest. If you honestly believe that Getzlaf’s market value exceeds that of any receiver then not only should you not be in charge of player personnel for a pro franchise, you should also likely be committed to a mental institution.

I like many will be quick to acknowledge and thank both Taman and Chamblin for their role in bringing us the 2013 Cup. That said the only thing that makes me happier than seeing both of them leave the team at this point is Tino Sunseri being released. Woooooooooo!!!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Downward Spiral

Riders 13 - Redblacks 35

I find it amazing that I expected us to lose this game and still somehow came away disappointed. Sadly "disappointing" is about the only thing the 2015 Riders appear to do consistently. The game started with utter embarrassment, featured a brief reprieve in the middle where we resemble a professional football team and then quickly disintegrated back into embarrassment on pretty much every front possible. We pretty much only missed "legal trouble featuring the word inappropriate" for a blackout in Embarrassment Bingo.

Let me address the topic on everyone's mind: coaching. I have been a staunch Chamblin defender all season. He's certainly had his issues this season but I still thought he was a good coach. But the fact is that the lack of discipline, the lack of preparedness, the lack of defense and boneheaded coaching decisions are starting to get too numerous for even this ardent Chamblin fan to ignore. Sunday's game alone had a laundry list of coaching ineptness including:

- We clearly weren't well prepared for the game because we came out and laid an egg in the first quarter while Ottawa had their way with us.

- We are intentionally kicking rouges. Meanwhile one of the best directional punters in league history is sitting idly on the sidelines wondering when his Old Age Security kicks in and if the coaches have ever heard of something called field position.

- We ran Jerome Messam 3 time... 3!!!! Early in the season when our offense was humming two key parts were the yards chewed up by Messam and Allen (early on they were both on pace for 1000). Now one is benched and one might as well be because he's never given the ball

- Then there is the QB debaucle. First of all, the only time Tino Sunseri should be allowed on the field is to take a note to refs saying "we forfeit" because actually letting him play is essentially the same as waving the white flag. Seems ridiculous to do so after the young promising QB makes 1 mistake in a 4 point game. Apparently Smith lipped of the Chamblin. So what?!?! As a coach Corey has 2 primary objectives: #1 win, #2 develop the players on the team. Benching Smith accomplishes neither of those and clearly shows that Chamblin's ego trumps everything (including logic). Sit him out one series to settle him down?... fine, no issues. Bench him completely... especially in favour of the only player in the league who could possibly make Brian Brohm look good by comparison? There is no way to justify that.

- If Chamblin treated the defense with the same "zero tolerance for error" policy as he does offensive players like Allen and Smith then there would not be a solitary player left on the field to play defense.

Chamblin's biggest flaw is his ego and stubbornness and it has been on display far too often this season for all the wrong reasons. It may ultimately be his downfall. I realize that things like lack of Canadian depth; lack of quality players to fill in for our injuries; and refs calling phantom head shot penalties on his linemen are out of his control but preparedness, discipline, and in game decision making are all well within his control and all are trending severely downward as weeks pass by. I just don' get the sense he has any clue how to fix this team... especially when his standard response is "I can't throw or catch so I will just keeping doing what I'm doing". Good coaches adapt to their circumstances... in terms of adaptability right now Chamblin looks like those people offering those gross hard candies to small kids. "Kids love candy!"

We are going to win Labour Day... that much I can tell you. But what I can't say is whether Chamblin will be our coach or whether than will be our only win in this pathetic season.

PS - I'd like to congratulate myself on getting through that with next to no cursing.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Riders vs. Redblacks: Token Pessimist

Sunday the Riders travel to the nation’s capital in search of their first victory. In a surprising turn of events they will face a team that hasn’t beat them yet…to be fair Ottawa's lack of beating us is more a product of not playing us yet as opposed to not being able to. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I’ve seen this level of optimism around a winless team before. Despite an 0-8 record, the pick-em pools I’m in would lead you to believe Ottawa is the underdog and there is still talk of playoffs. Perhaps those who cheer for the green have taken to smoking it or maybe they’ve all built up a subconscious mental block to help them cope with the mess that this season has been. I don’t know I’m not a doctor… I’ve just pretended to be one for the purposes of acquiring prescription drugs and female companionship.

In a refrain you are all probably sick of by now, I think this is a game the Riders could win… but don’t actually think they will. I still find it weird that I am in the minority when it comes to thinking the winless team is in tough this week. I mean I’m used to people disagreeing with me it just usually happens when I take more radical stances than this.

I think a lot of people are discounting Ottawa based on the last two games where they got utterly embarrassed by Calgary and blew it against the Argos because they took penalties at a rate that would make the Riders look like angels. Prior to that they were a 4 and 2 team… keep in mind that only one of those wins came against a team  with a winning record. They certainly aren’t a power house yet but they can’t be overlooked or discounted. 

Offensively I can sum up our ideal game plan in 2 words: Run Messam!!! We finally gave him a bit of a workload last week but it wasn’t even close to enough. What are we saving him for? Playoffs? Hahahaha. Seriously, dude is averaging 7.3 yards per carry! Run him as much as you can. I feel the need to point out that a tendency for not giving the RB enough carries was one of the leading factors in Chapdelaine’s firing in BC. Ottawa has a very underrated D. They are allowing the 3rd most points in the league but they are #2 against the pass and are allowing a league low completion % of 57%. They are also allowing just 86 rush yards per game. Still let’s not overthink this. Give them a heavy dose of Messam along with some short inside passes and Smith using his legs. 5 out 8 games we have failed to register a first quarter point… this might be the time to start taking more chances early… what’s the worst that could happen? Not like we have much to lose at this point.

Defensively, short of miraculously discovering how to defend the pass after 8 games of being dumfounded by it, I’m not over optimistic about our chances. If you prefer most optimistic outlooks, I could point out that Ottawa is the lowest scoring team in the league, they have a non-existent run game (68 yards per game and an embarrassing 3.7 yards per attempt) and have the second most turnovers (on a Burris led team, I’m sure that shocks you). They have finally realized what I have been saying for a long time: Chevon Walker can’t be an every down back. Jeremiah Johnson will carry the load. He’s a decent back but Ottawa’s run game doesn’t overly concern me (unless the game is close in the 4th quarter then they are likely to run on us at will). Earnest Jackson is the scoring threat and Sinopoli is establishing himself as their possession receiver. That’s not to mention the speedy Chris Williams as well as Mo Price… in Price’s case I don’t mention him because he hasn’t actually done anything this season worth mentioning. At the salary they are paying him I’ll be surprised if they keep him past Labour Day. Given his ability to keep passing yards to a minimum maybe we should get him to play DB… though he’d have to play CB because he won’t go over the middle (at least according to recent twitter beefs).

D-line needs to step up and be disruptive, if they can get to Burris early, we all known his propensity for collapsing epically (and often comically). This new found ability to generate turnovers would be great to continue (though I have the feeling this might just mean we used up our turnover quota for the next month). I would be willing to risk some long passes early to dial up the pressure big time on Burris. If we allow him to get comfortable against our sad sack pass coverage we will make him look like a great QB (oh the horror!).

I expect another very competitive game, though a low scoring one. We are likely to have the lead at some point around halftime. But I’m one of the few that has not bought into the wave of optimism sweeping the province. Until we learn to defend the pass any other step forward we make is in other phases is moot. Until I see any evidence of that…

Redblacks by a 4th quarter Earnest Jackson TD.

In picking the Riders to lose this week I kinda feel like Principal Skinner when he did this...
Haha prove me wrong Riders. Prove me wrong.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Are You Smarter Than A Toddler - Week 10 Picks

Here are the Prophet family picks for week 10

Rider Prophet - Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa
Prophet Jr - Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan
Mrs. Prophet - Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa
Step-Prophet - Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan
Momma Prophet - Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Morning Sentimonies: So Close... But So Far

Riders 31 - Stampeders 34

The 2015 Riders are among the more puzzling teams I've ever watched. There are moments when you watch them and figure there is no way they can be winless. They ran well. They forced turnovers. They scored 3 offensive TDs and a 4th on special teams. Certainly worse teams have managed to win games. Then there are other moments when it all becomes pretty obvious why this team has failed to win a game. One such moment might be allowing a TD on a hail mary at the end of the first half. I'm not sure I've ever been more embarrassed with my pants on then when we allowed that TD. But such is life for the Riders. It always seems they manage to take 2 steps forward, only to turn around and stumble back 3 steps. I've used this line before but we keep finding ways to lose.

Offensively I thought Brett Smith further cemented his status as someone who belongs under centre. I like his poise. I like his guts. I like how his eyes are always down field and how he finds ways to make plays. But he also cemented his status as a rookie QB. He made mistakes, He locked on to receivers at times. He had a rather lacklustre passing attack (minus his passing ability into the endzone) failing to pass for 200 yards... it would have been closer to 100 had Calgary not completely forgotten about Demski on that one play. I think Smith is still showing a very positive progression... but he's still got a lot of room to grow. I did like how we rediscovered our ground game.

Defense just keeps making positive steps forward. Like how we managed to explode for 3 turnovers after amassing just 2 all season. I noticed that they were hitting with aggression (like they were finally angry). Hell they even managed to hold the Stamps to FGs on both offensive turnovers in our own end. Sadly, no matter how much they show promise and progress, this defense always ends up regressing to an utterly useless group that couldn't stop my 8 year old touch football team, let alone a professional level offense. In addition to the aforementioned embarrassing hail mary, there was the complete inability to stop the run, even when everyone knew they were running well in advance (a depleted LB group likely factored in to that but excuses don't win football games); the inability to get off the field on second down; and the inability to tackle on the first, second or third attempt. There are signs this could be a good defense but they always end up blowing it in the end.

I do feel the need to comment on the now infamous "Clothesline from Hell". First of all, I'm fine with the call to go for the ridiculously long FG. It was the end of the half, the wind was at out back and Early has that kind of leg. Even with the clothesline, that play is nothing more than a forgotten footnote if our defense was not accessible to the high percentage play known as the hail mary. Second, as a fan who has not had much to cheer for, that was freaking awesome!!! Third, upon seeing the replay I can see why he was ejected. Though to be fair, if Tim Brown wasn't a midget that would have been a nothing play. Fourth, I nominate Randy Richards to play free safety next week... ain't nobody coming across the middle then.

As I said in the opening this is a weird team. We aren't getting embarrassed, we are hanging tough with some of the best teams in the league with our 3rd string QB, we are playing good ball at times and yet the loses keep piling up as quick as divorce notices following the Ashley Madison leak.

Other random thoughts:
- I would have asked Eddie Davis and Geno to suit up in the second half. Both guys still look in great shape. Very cool to see them inducted here in Saskatchewan.

- It is now 5 our of 8 games where we have failed to register a first quarter point.

- There were some pretty brutal calls by the refs in our favour. Like the penalty for a D-lineman being throwing into our QB by an O-lineman. Or the guy who was penalized for his pinky grazing our player as he went out of bounds.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Riders vs. Stampeders: Saturday Night Showdown

The agony that is the bye week (at least for us fans) is over and the Riders return to the field Saturday night against the hated Calgary Stampeders. In a surprising turn of events, the game is sold out. I realize that the fact that its Hall of Fame weekend likely contributed but still for an 0-7 team to sellout out is very impressive. It either means we have a province full of diehard fans or a province full of masochists

I can offer you two ways to view our chances of victory in Saturday’s clash:

1)    We are rested off the bye and starting to get healthy (with Green, MacDougal and Dressler all expected to play); Brett Smith looked like a playmaker last week and probably would have led us to victory had we not been as prone to illegal occurrences as Subway Jared; it will be a raucous sold out crowd; Calgary has yet to win on the road; with BC and Winnipeg struggling, this could be the jump start to a win streak that improbably returns us to the playoff discussion.

2)    We are winless, can’t defend the pass and are playing a top team in the West division

Feel free to choose whichever viewpoint speaks to you as both are valid. As for me, I am firmly a believer in viewpoint #2. I know that aside from the Edmonton game we have been playing some good football and with a few plays difference could have multiple wins this season. I know Brett Smith looked really good last game. I know Calgary has been playing some mediocre football (well aside from last week when they embarrassed Ottawa worse than the people whose names were leaked from Ashley Madison). I know all this and don’t care. While I believe there will be wins in our near future, I do not believe this is one of those times. I think we will be very competitive and I expect a hard fought game… I just expect the end result to be an 0-8 record. (How’s that for an uplifting read on a Friday?)

Offensively, it all hinges on whether Brett Smith can continue progressing as a starting QB. History is littered with QBs who had one great start but failed to turn that into a successful career. This list includes names like Dinwiddie, Elliot, Butler, Porter. I do think Smith will continue to shine but it’s far from a sure thing. Feel like a broken record here but we need to establish a strong run game with Messam/Space Cowboy to ease the pressure on him. It will be tough sledding though as Calgary has the #2 run D. We also need to give him the freedom to run when needed to move the chains. Adcock is out and when facing Charleston Hughes (who I think is the best pass rusher in the CFL) that scares me. Hopefully we give some TE/RB blocking help to whatever side Hughes lines up on. Getzlaf the Stamp Killer is also out.

We need to focus on attack the short/medium inside routes with our slots as that tends to be the soft spot in the Calgary D. Unless we are taking a deep shot I would shy away from the wide-side passes as the Stamps have playmakers to make us pay for those. We also need to get things going early in the game to keep the crowd alive. In 4 of our 7 games we have failed to score a 1st quarter point and have a TOTAL of 13 first quarter points this season. That needs to change. Calgary has given up just 1 rushing TD this season… if we want to win, that also needs to change.

Defensively I encourage you to pray to whatever higher power you subscribe to and rub whatever lucky charm you have (provided its legal to do so) because with opponents completing a league high 74% of passes against us and a league high 17 passing TDs allowed, our pass defense are going to need all the help it can get. It all starts up front. Our front 4 has come back to life of late and they need to take advantage of a favourable match-up against the Stamps MASH unit.  Credit Calgary’s depth, they lost an all-star centre and tackle in the offseason, lost a starting guard and 2 starting tackles… and numerous other injuries (I honestly lost count) but are still holding up alright all things considered. Though the combination of the O-line issues and a lack of Cornish has their ground game floundering. They are averaging an uncharacteristic 86 yards per game and a lowly 4.6 yards per attempts (2nd worst in the league).

Sounds like Brackenridge will be moved up to LB with LeGree taking over safety. This likely comes at the expense of Macho which means the coaches are finally addressing his substandard play which has been on display all season (I assume Macho moves back to HB and bumps Suber out but am just guessing at this point). With Cornish out, the key cog in that offensive wheel is Marquay McDaniel. Rogers and Fuller are dangerous big play guys but McDaniel is the workhorse and chain mover (he is also apparently not a big Mo Price fan... then again, who is?). Doughty looks to be out so it will likely be up to Knox or Unamba to patrol the middle and slow the ground game. I think we are definitely up that task. The bigger concern is finding a way for our porous pass D to slow the likes of Rogers, Fuller, McDaniel and West. We need a strong pass rush to harass Mitchell. Calgary’s O has actually been rather mediocre this season (likely a product of being on their 8th string O-line) but they imparted their will on an Ottawa defense that has been playing much better than ours.

As I said, I expect a strong, hard-fought game from the Riders. I expect a close game. But I expect a loss. I try not to over think things and Bo Levi Mitchell throwing to Fuller/Rogers/McDaniel against our non-existent pass D is a good enough reason for me to expect a loss.

Stamps by a late 4th quarter TD.

Despite my gloomy outlook, I’m actually excited for the game. I love evening games, especially against the Stamps. Plus we get to honour Geno and Eddie Davis as they get deservingly called to the Hall of Fame. I’ll be fired up and I hope everyone else is to including the team. I want to see some fire… I want to see some emotion… I want to see someone other than Chris Best lead this team out of the tunnel. Brackenridge should fly out of that tunnel and go start jawing the Stamps. Let’s ramp up the nastiness level in places other than the washrooms.