Monday, January 29, 2018

Mondat Morning Sentimonies: Free Agency Window Shopping

Free agency opens on Feb 13th but anyone expecting the flurry of signings we have become used to since Coach Jones arrived will be quite disappointed. Two reasons I say that. 1 – Unlike previous years, we don’t have a ton of glaring needs. We aren’t in rebuild mode. 2 – Even if we wanted to be super active, I don’t think we have the cap space to do so. Collaros and Bridge’s deal means our costs at QB have gone up. Duron got some more money. Guys like Jones and Butler got new deals, presumably for more than the league min they likely made last year.  And we haven’t really shed any significant salary. I mean guys like Clark, Mrabure, Steele and Demski remain unsigned and I don’t really expect Brouillette back so there’s some stuff. But overall our outstanding needs will need to be met through scouting, drafting and possibly a couple not-flashy/depth-type free agents.

So rather than the traditional look at who the Riders will be targeting in free agency I decided to take a bit of a different approach this year. I went through each team and picked one player that I would be targeting if money was not an issue (i.e. a Pipe Dream) and one player that is more realistically someone we could land.

BC Lions
Pipe Dream: Most people would immediately look to Alex Bazzie and Craig Roh given our need for another pass rusher to pair with Jefferson. But I see them as a Lemon/Cappicciotti type-scenario where they wouldn’t fit with how Jones uses he D-ends. They guy I would be after is Chandler Fenner. He notched over 100 total tackles and played pretty solid as SAM LB. Given the offseason departure of Shaq Richardson and Kenny Ladler to the NFL and Mo Leggett still recovering, Fenner will be very in demand.

Potential Target: Kirby Fabien. He’ll likely be a bit on the pricey side but Cdn OL depth is always something to be looking for especially an established starter at RG who is only 27. We’d probably have to dump Dyakowski to make it happen though.

Pipe Dream: Honestly as a young Canadian starter, Adam Konar would top my list but in terms of need, LB is not something I see us needing (though some of that hinges on whether Cameron Judge is just weird but will still play football or is actually done with it. Did we ever get clarity on that whole thing?). So from a needs perspective Euclid Cummings is the primary target. He can be the disruptive force we need on the inside of the DL. 

Potential Target: Danny Groulx. The 7th overall pick in 2015 has yet to establish himself as a fulltime starter on the OL. Not sure what his value will be on the open market but there is potential value if a team can get him playing up to his potential.

Pipe Dream: Tommie Campbell. We currently have an opening at CB, why not target one of the best CB's in the league (him and Randle are 1-2 in my opinion)? He's lockdown DB that you can throw on pretty much anyone. If he doesn't get an NFL look, he will likely be highly sought after.

Potential Target: Mike Klassen. We need Canadian depth along the D-line (assuming the plan is to start one Cdn there) and we currently have zero under contract. Klassen is not a big name guy but is a veteran who may fit our needs and budget.

Pipe Dream: Mo Leggett. I know he's coming off injury but I think he's one of the most impactful defenders in the game. This category is called "pipe dream" so why not dream big. Whether its at safety or up at LB, Leggett is a playmaker that can change a game. We'd of course have to delouse him to get the Winnipeg stank off.

Potential Target: Jake Thomas. A bigger name than Klassen but still potentially within our means. He's another Canadian D-lineman that may be on our radar should one or more of Mrabure, Steele, Henry not return.

Pipe Dream: SJ Green. We don't really need him but after showing last season that returning from injury did not diminish his ability to make circus catches there's little reason to doubt Green won't remain among the top WR's in the League. And who knows with how pissed everyone seems to be at Toronto maybe this isn't a pipe dream.

Potential Target: Mitchell White. This would cost us but Mitchell is a good CB that would take Rogers' place quite nicely. I expect us to try and fill that spot through scouting for cost purposes but if we were inclined to spend, he would be a likely target.

Pipe Dream: Ted Laurent. He's the biggest fish (both figuratively and literally in free agency). He's an all-star Canadian defensive tackle a rare asset that most GM's would kill to have (this time I'm hopefully just speaking figuratively). He is an instant boost to whichever team lands him.

Potential Target: Mike Atkinson. Quietly providing Cdn depth behind Laurent is a more likely candidate for us in Atkinson. He wouldn't exactly give much of a boost to the D but you can never have enough Canadian depth. 

Pipe Dream: Zach Evans. Yes, I said it. Evans is a pipe dream. Get over it! Just because he's from Regina, doesn't mean he's coming here. I would love to have him, as we need a Canadian DT of his calibre but don't assume just because he came from here that he's coming back. Everyone assumed the same things last time he was a potential FA and he chose to re-sign in Ottawa. I get the sense he likes it there.

Potential Target: Arnaud Gascon-Nadon. Not as flashy as Evans but with 9 sacks in the last 2 seasons Gascon-Nadon could provide great value for a Canadian D-lineman. Not sure how he'd fit in our scheme but he's worth looking into.

Pipe Dream: Honestly, Montreal is in such bad shape that even their potential free agents suck. I looked through that list and found very few I'd even consider. Philip Blake is the only name that stood out as he is a starting Canadian OL. So him I guess.

Potential Target: Hopefully no one. Seriously. Half of their FAs used to  play for us and the other half hopefully never will. Back away, not today.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Thoughts: Duron, Wilder, XFL and more

It's Friday and let's be honest. I'm too lazy to compose full sentences and paragraphs and you are too lazy to read them. So my random, point form thoughts below really suit both our needs. Let's get to what's been happening.

- The biggest news of the week here in Saskatchewan was the re-signing of Duron Carter. He runs his mouth, he's good for at least one objectionable conduct call a game but damn is he talented and brings so much to our offensive attack! And for all his faults, off the field he has no issues and is great with the fans. All the top teams have at least 2 stud receivers (most more). So keeping him and Roosevelt is key if we hope to stay competitive in the West.

- It also means another year of TD celebrations (and now he's had all offseason to scheme). I'm hoping for a Flying V and the wresting fan in me would like to see a table incorporated. And as much as I think he needs to be a fulltime offensive players, I would be lying if I said that I had no interest in at least one more pick six on Calgary.  "Hey Bo, he's still your best receiver"

- The not so good news was OL Bruce Campbell getting suspended for failing a drug test. Honestly never thought I'd see the day where the CFL tested for drugs, let alone suspended for them. Campbell is a pending FA so he's future here is uncertain. I think we'd like him back but I think we'd prefer to find a way to start 3 Canadians on the line instead.

- The big CFL news was James Wilder announcing he's sitting out the 2018 season because he's making league minimum. I have no problem with the Argos standing firm. No one held a gun to Wilder's head when he agreed to sign a 2 year deal for that salary. Go figure that the terms of a mutually agreed to contract are enforceable. That said... I also have no problem with Wilder doing everything in his power to increase his earning potential. Contracts aren't guaranteed like other leagues so if a player wants to sit out to try and leverage a bigger salary or a release, Go for it. They are the ones who have to make the decision best for them and their family. Careers are short so make as much $ as you can here and now.

-   I honestly don't believe this is over. While I can see the Argos being reluctant to let him go to the NFL (which I get), I also think Jim Popp is smart enough to realize that the Argos are better off ponying up more money to get Wilder on the field rather than holding the line and not having him. After some initial posturing expect some negotiations to go on.

- This situation has once again raised the question of the bringing back the option year. I would be in favour of that. Some teams are already essentially giving option years by releasing players early (i.e. what we did with Bouka). So why not just make things standard across the board?

- The XFL is coming back in 2020

- After some initial hype I expect this to end like all other non-NFL pro leagues in the US. I just hope this short lived iteration gives us great memories like He Hate Me and the zany kickoff race that ended up separating a guy's should in week 1.

- I also think that Paul McCallum should come out of retirement and kick the first point just like he did in the original XFL.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: WR Duron Carter (contract extension)

Out: FB Rob Cote (retired)

In: DL David Menard (contract extension), QB Michael Birdsong, DL Tyriq McCord, DL Terrence Waugh, DL Cedric Reed (free agent)

In: DB Neil King (contract extension), DL Mark Makie (2017 draft pick signing), DB David Stevenson, RB Korliss Marshall (free agent signing)
Out: DL Marcus Howard, DL Philip Hunt, OL Danny Groulx, DB Cauchy Muamba (released)

In: WR Tylor Henry (2017 draft pick signing), DB Steven Clarke, DB Brendan Morgan (free agent signing)

In: OL Alex Mateas (contract extension), WR Jhajuan Seales (free agent signing)
Out: DB DaQuan Pace (released)

In: QB Garrett Fugate, QB Nick Shafnisky, DL Ventral McMillan, WR Lonnie Outlaw, LB Jordan Harris (free agent signing)
Out: OL Vincent Brown, Chad Bushley, WR Alex Carroll, OL Jeremy Lewis, FB Nate O’Halloran, DL Keith Shologan (released)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: QB Talk

We're at that sad point in the year where there is no more football until June (well May this year)... not even NFL football. So I guess we will talk everyone's favourite topic around these parts: QBs. By the way if you are wondering if I am on crack regarding the no football thing, I'm a vikings fan so I've successfully repressed everything that happened since the Minnesota Miracle. As near as I recall the NFL season ended on January 14th and not a single game was played thereafter. I cheer for a lot of teams that require repressing memories. It's one of the many reasons me and JP Wisers get along so well.

Onto the QBs...

Between Collaros' contract, Bridge's tweet, Durant signing in Winnipeg and Glenn's tweet, QBs were a hot topic this past week. I could some up my analysis of it all with: so what, who cares, that was widely expected and who cares again but I guess since you went through all the effort of clicking on this post, I could put a bit more effort into typing it. Effort is against my policy and lifelong plan of a helper monkey stenographer but what the heck, for you... I'll give it a whirl.

I really don't get why some people have a problem with the Collaros contract (aside from Bridge but more on him later). Yes, we are paying him like a top QB and that is for the simple reason that he IS a top QB. I'll admit I'm highly biased here as I am all in on the Collaros bandwagon but here are the facts once again on him: 
- career TD/INT ratio of 83/38
- led a team to a Grey Cup appearance
- had an MOP calibre season
- under the age of 30
For a franchise with such a terrible track record overall when it comes to QBs (at least in the last 20+ years) we should be thanking our lucky stars we have him. And guess what, there are no top tier QBs out there willing to work for a major discount. 

Is there risk with Collaros? You bet. He's had a rough 1+ seasons but its not like he suddenly forgot how to play. And its not like he relies on his legs and is at risk of losing the best part of his game. Chris Jones' job is to find guys who give us the best odds of winning. And objectively ask yourself, who gives the Riders the best chance of winning in 2018? If you are saying Bridge you are not being objective and are being swayed by the fairytale desire to see him succeed.

Look I have nothing against Bridge (minus everything up until this year when I thought he was overrated, but again I repress a lot). But he has not yet cemented himself as a top tier QB. Could he? Maybe. But if you have an unscratched lotto ticket and someone offers you $2000 grand for it do you keep the ticket on the off chance it wins you $250,000? Or do you take the sure thing? 

So boo hoo to everyone lamenting that there is now no competition for #1. Collaros was our #1 was the second we acquired him. Bridge could still beat him out in camp but that's highly unlikely. Not because we have a hate on for Bridge but because we just got ourselves a new stud QB. If Bridge gets called on this season then I have faith in him but he only gets called on if Collaros gets hurt or falters mightily. I'm OK with that scenario and so should everyone else.

NFL Watch:
Roy Finch (Cal) – workout with Baltimore
Travon Van (Edm) – workout with Baltimore
DeVier Posey (Tor) – workout with Baltimore
Ja’Gared Davis (Cal) – workout with Baltimore
Jeff Knox (Ssk) – workout with Baltimore

CFL Ins and Outs

In: DB TJ Lee, OL Antonio Johnson, WR Shaquille Johnson (contract extension), QB Jonathan Jennings (contract restructured), RB Brandon Rutley (trade with Montreal)

In: WR Derel Walker, K Hugh O’Neil (contract extension), Kevin Glenn (free agent)

In: CB Chris Randle (contract extension), QB Darian Durant, QB Josh Straughan, QB Philip Nelson, DL Sam Montgomery, DL Chris Casher, DB Zavian Bingman, WR Gerry Brown, RB Zach Bauman (free agent signing)

In: RB William Powell, RB Mossis Madu (contract extension), RB Ed Ilnicki (2017 draft pick signing), DB JR Nelson (free agent signing)
Out: LB Ron Omara (released)

In: WR Armanti Edwards (contract extension), DB Caleb Ham, RB Ben Malena, WR Jonathan Epps, WR Cole Watson, DL Jeff Luc, DL Sadat Sulley (free agent signing)

In: DB Chris Ackie, DB Michael Carter (contract extension)
Out: QB Darian Durant, WR Sam Guiguere (released), RB Brandon Rutley (trade with BC)

Friday, January 19, 2018

All My Exes

If you are a country music fan, there's no way you read that title without adding "live in Texas". But this isn't about music. Its an offseason game I've come up with to help pass the slow time off the offseason and to help put the vast amounts of useless CFL knowledge I have to use. I'd call this a contest but I'll be straight up and say there are no prizes (until Wisers starts sponsoring me, my budget for prizes is limited to the bottle return money I get... and I'm too lazy to return them right now) . So you are really just playing for fun, and bragging rights over a bunch of other internet strangers (which I know many people would kill for).

So here's the All My Exes game...
I will name a CFL team and you have to name me one player on that team's current roster who used to play for each of the other 8 teams in the CFL. Seems simple enough right? A couple rules:
- You can only use each player once. I.e. Zach Collaros previously played for Toronto and Hamilton but you could only use him for one or the other, not both.
- The player must have actually dressed for the team (simply owning neg rights or draft rights don't count)
- Kevin Glenn cannot be used. His greatness in the realm of ex teams is beyond reproach.

So here's an example...
If the team I gave was the Roughriders. Your answers could look like this:
BC - Mike Edem
Cal - Glenn Love
Edm - Willie Jefferson
Win - Henoc Muamba
Tor - Chad Owens
Ham - Josh Bartel
Ott - Kienan LaFrance
Mtl -  Brandon Bridge

You can submit your answers by Twitter or by leaving a comment here. By a completely arbitrary and made up scoring scheme I will award a winner and announce it on Monday.

Get it?

Okay the team of the day is: Edmonton Eskimos

Good luck

Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

Longtime readers will know that I am a Vikings fan (apparently I was born with a predisposition for sports teams that like to crush your soul). So it goes without saying that I was wee bit excited yesterday. I mean as a Vikings fan I'm used to witnessing epic fails in playoff games, I'm just not used to it being the opposing team doing it. I'm sure you didn't come here for my thoughts on the Vikes but I just get so few chances to bask in their post-season success that I can't just pass this opportunity up.Unreal!

You've probably guessed by now that I have minimal Rider content to discuss so I'm adding in as much filler as possible to try and pass this off as a regular post. This is were I not so smoothly segue into Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts (patent pending).

- Pretty quiet on the Rider front since the big Collaros acquisition. The only real notable thing that I have yet to comment on was the retirement of Chris Getzlaf. Obviously he had a huge impact on this franchise. But for me he will always be a mind boggling case study. He was twice a 1000 yard receiver, score 40 career TDs (including 10 in a single season). A very solid resume. The thing is he could have likely added another 30% to his stats if he had consistent hands. Unreal to think of what he accomplished in-spite of the drops that he made. On a more serious note he was a great route runner with a keen ability to get open and I wish him all the best in retirement. 

- I expect a few more signings to start filtering in over the coming weeks. With free agency approaching there will be some added pressure to finalize some deals that have been being worked on for a while.

- Hopefully that will include Duron Carter who reportedly turned down a couple NFL offers (that likely did not include much if any signing bonus). Chris Jones was going to meet with him and I'm hopeful they can work out a deal. I find it funny how one of the CFL's more controversial figures has been absolutely embraced by one of the most fickle of fan bases.

- One person not likely to be re-signed is DL Ese Mrabure... or Mr. Abure as I believe he prefers to be called. Not sure with who but Jones said that it looks like Mr Abure will sign down south. Tough to lose a versatile Canadian lineman like him.

- I love that the Als think that the answer to their QB situation is Josh Freeman. He may be a bit younger than Vince Young but I expect the result to be largely the same. The only difference is that the Als are terrible enough that Freeman may see the field. 

NFL Watch:
Brandon Zylstra (Edm) – signs with Minnesota
Elie Bouka (Ssk) – signs with Philadelphia
Shaq Richardson (Cal) – signs with Oakland
Kenny Ladler (Edm) – signs with Washington
Jonathan Mincy (Mtl) – signs with Chicago

CFL Ins and Outs

In: QB Zach Collaros (trade with Hamilton)
Out: QB Kevin Glenn, DB Elie Bouka (released), WR Chris Getzlaf (retired)

In: LS Pierre-Luc Caron (contract extension)
Out: DB Shaq Richardson (signed in NFL)

In: LS Mike Benson (contract extension)

In: DB Aaron Grymes, OL David Beard (contract extension)
Out: WR Brandon Zylstra (signed in NFL)

In: LB Ian Wild (contract extension)

In: QB Jeremiah Masoli, WR Brandon Banks, DB Jonathan Langa (contract extension) Akeem Haynes (free agent signing)
Out: QB Zach Collaros (trade with Saskatchewan)

In: OL Kendall Pace, LB Lamar Louis, LB Avery Williams, WR Richard Mullaney, DL Cliff Matthews (free agent signing)
Out: DB Nick Taylor (released)

In: QB James Franklin (signed), DL Cleyon Laing, WR Llevi Noel, OL DJ Sackey (contract extension)

In: RB Terrell Sutton (contract extension)
Out: DB Jonathan Mincy (signed in NFL)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Where To From Here?

Last week’s acquisition of Zach Collaros addressed the biggest area of need on the Riders’ roster headed in to 2018. But unfortunately for us the rest of the League won’t just roll over and let us ascend to the top (well, I mean Montreal might as this point, but the others won’t). While we are in a great starting point stability-wise, we still have some holes in our roster than we are going to need to address to build a strong enough supporting cast around Collaros to contend for top spot in the West.

There are still plenty of opportunities to address those areas of need: re-sign pending free agents, sign other teams’ free agents, the draft, free agent camps in the States. More trades are another possibility as well. Regardless of the method, here are the areas of need on the Rider roster (at least as of me writing this… the Riders have a habit of announcing roster moves immediately after I make off-season posts that render most of what I’ve just typed irrelevant.)

#1 – Defensive Line
Two issues here: quantity and quality. Quantity wise, even if you include Willie Jefferson (who Jones has essentially said will be back) we only have 5 D-linemen on the roster. I imagine we re-sign at least a couple of Steele, Henry, Mrabure and Leonard but still we need more linemen. But from a quality perspective we really need to give Jefferson a strong supporting cast. Guy is flat out one of the best D-ends in the League and that’s in spite of doing most of it on his own. Can you imagine how deadly he could be with a stronger line taking some of the attention off him? I’m a big James supporter but we should still be looking for DTs (both Canadian and imports) to strengthen the middle. There will be some big names potentially hitting free agency (Laurent, Laing Evans) and I fully expect us to draft a Canadian DL with one of our top picks. We also could use some upgrading a the other DE spot. I really like what Antigha showed in his rookie year but one more impact DE to rotate with him and Willie would be awesome.

#2 – Canadians
I know its early but at this point I honestly can’t tell you where our 6th and 7th starting Canadians will come from. Safety and MLB for sure and a min of 3 on offense (2 OL, 1 WR). Beyond that?? I’m assuming we maintain a starting Canadian DT (though we currently have 0 of them signed). That leaves either a 3rd Cdn OL or a 2nd Cdn Receiver as the 7th spot. I think we could easily play 3 interior Cdn OL but Bruce Campbell made a pretty good case to be brought back at left tackle. Assuming we re-sign one of Demski or Bailey we aren’t in a bad spot for starting 2 WRs but regardless more depth is needed there. Also the surprise departure of Bouka leaves a whole in terms of Cdn depth in the secondary.

#3 Impact Receiver
Could we get through a season with a Roosevelt/Grant/Owens/Holley combo? You bet. But if we really want our new start QB to light it up we should give him one more offensive weapon. Ideally we bring back Duron to fill that need but if for some reason we don’t we will need another stud to complement Roosevelt (please don’t read that as “another stud to compliment Roosevelt”). 

#4 Centre
As of right now Dan Clark remains unsigned… and regardless of whether we re-sign him (I assume we will) we should be looking for a new centre. Look I know hating on Dan Clark makes me un-patriotic around these parts but I call it like I see it. I don’t think he’s a bad person, just a bad starting lineman. Maybe Bladek can win the job? Either way we currently have a void a centre and even if we re-sign Clark he will still periodically leave a void at Centre.

#5 Cornerback
I’m still working under the assumption that Kacy Rodgers signs in the NFL (though no deal has been announced yet). You will also know that the next logical man up (Chris Lyles) I hate as much, if not more, than Dan Clark. The potential free agent market for DBs could be deepest in as long as I can remember. Calgary’s entire secondary, most of BC’s, a lot of Winnipeg’s could all potentially hit the free agent market. Basically a who’s who of top end DBs (sure glad we have our halfbacks locked up long-term). Now NFL signings and CFL re-signings will thin the market a bit prior to February. But if we were inclined to address this need via Free agency there are a ton of good options. Could also just find a new one. We found Rodgers, Butler and Cox (even though that didn’t work out).

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Zach Collaros is a Roughrider!

Wednesday the Riders made a big splash at the most important position by acquiring Zach Collaros from the Ti-Cats in exchange for a 2nd round pick (as I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s the pick we got from Montreal in the Durant deal). Regular readers will know that I have been raising this as a possibility ever since the reports that we had discussions about a mid-season trade. Regular readers will also not be surprised to hear that my reaction upon hearing the news that the trade was official was the Homer Simpson Whoop Whoop dance.

This is the biggest move the Riders have made at QB since acquiring Kerry Joseph in the dispersal draft. Over the ensuing 12 years our high profile moves at QB have included such rousing successes as:
·       “Marcus Crandell is the guy to lead us to a repeat”
·       “Steven Jyles, that’s our man”
·       Ryan “avoid direct eye contact or he will steal your soul” Dinwiddie
·       “Todd Reesing will save this franchise”
·       Kevin Glenn returns
·       “Tino Sunseri? What could go wrong?”
·        “That Jonathan Jennings guy will never amount to anything”
·       Kevin Glenn third time’s a charm
·       “Michael Vick? Do have plans for the next few months?”
·       Plus a list of additional attempts as Seth Doege, Brett Smith, Vince not-so-Young, that O-lineman disguised as a QB (Philip Sims), Bryant Moniz, Vad Lee, GJ Kinne, etc….
Thank god we stumbled upon Durant… almost inadvertently. Had Crandell not pulled a hammy and Jyles stunk up the joint in that BC game we may never have found what we had in him.

Anyway, to make an extremely roundabout point, after many years of repeated ineptitude at the most important position in football Collaros is a very, very big addition.

Before I get to what this trade means for the Riders in 2018 let me address a few misconceptions I’ve seen floated around out there.
1.     We are not going to pay him $520,000. We do not make this deal without a renegotiation of salary.
2.     There is no risk of him refusing to renegotiate and us releasing him. No one in the CFL is going to pay him $500K so even if he refused to negotiate with us he’ll be negotiating for less money with someone else… and it’s not like the prospect of playing for the Als can be very enticing. Also, we don’t make this deal unless we are sure we can agree on a new deal with him. While we would not go as far as direct tampering (because of course no one does that), let’s just say I’m certain that conversations have occurred that led us to believe there is a deal to be had with Collaros that will make both sides happy.
3.     It would not have been better to wait until he was cut. The 10th overall pick is a high price but Kent Austin said other teams were in discussions so it’s the price we had to pay to ensure we did not miss out.

Okay now to what this means for us.,,

First off don’t start staking out your spot on parade route just yet. This move improves our team but it’s not like we suddenly became the unquestioned super-power in the West. So temper the enthusiasm just a bit. That said I will not hold back that I am all in on the Collaros train. This is our guy and I am beyond pumped that we have him.

Why am I so high on him? Look at what he’s accomplished. Led his team to the Grey Cup in 2014 and damn near won. The following year was far and away the best player in the league prior to his injury. He threw 25 TDs in just 12 games and was on pace for 5000 yards and 38 TDs that year (38 would top 10 all time by the way). He returned from injury in 2016 and threw 18 TDs to 8 INTs over 13 games. Sure he went 3 and 10 but he had had no run support, a mediocre at best OL and the 3rd worst defense in the league so it wasn’t all on him. Much is made of his struggles last season and the fact that he failed to win even one game but again he had even less run support, was sacked/pressured more than any QB in the league and his defense was allowing an embarrassing 38 points per game. Did he struggle? You bet. But is there any reason to doubt that with a decent supporting cast he could return to his previous form? No!

Look this is a 29 year old QB… I repeat 29, who already has a Grey Cup appearance and MOP calibre season to his name. He also has a career ratio of 83 TDs to 38 INTs. Hell Kevin Glenn damn near threw that many picks in the East Final alone. What I like most about his game is that his strength is as a pocket passer. He’s not a running QB (though he can) and not at his best when improvising. He’s at his best, in the pocket reading defenses. What more do you want in a QB?

I look at it this way… behind our OL, with our offensive weapons, Old Man Glenn threw 25 TDs and we were the #3 offense. So if you assume that Collaros is only as good as Glenn then this should be a net neutral move at worst. But I would argue (and you would agree assuming you are not crazy) that Collaros has a much higher ceiling than Glenn. QB was one area where we were decidedly behind the rest of the West division and this is a huge step forward in that regard.

What does this mean for the other QBs on our roster (Glenn, Bridge, Adams, Williams… and apparently David Watford is still in the picture)?

Well for now we are in an enviable position of having a ton of great options. When you think back to the days of Brett Smith, Seth Doege and Tino Susneri (whose name still causes spontaneous shuddering when uttered), we are in a great spot. But the reality is that something has to give. That something is most certainly Glenn. We are clearly high on Bridge or we would have let him walk (but clearly we aren’t ready to just hand him the reigns without competition). So if Collaros is your guy (and he most assuredly is) and Bridge is good enough to be your #2 (and he is) then you have no need for Glenn. Many are speculating QB coach is an option but I don’t think he’s done playing. Besides he still needs to end up in Edmonton and stick around long enough for the Atlantic Schooners to acquire him. You should be able to get a 4th or 5th round pick for him and a proven vet back-up should be of interest to a few teams: Toronto, Edmonton (fingers crossed), maybe even Winnipeg or Calgary. I also wouldn’t completely rule out Vernon Adams being dealt. Ideally we keep him as the #3 but my guess is that he is making more $ than the other 2 so if you can get value for him and use Williams or Watford as your #3 you have to explore it.

To those lamenting that Bridge will not get his chance, I say boo hoo. If Bridge can beat out Collaros in camp then the job is still his (I just don’t see that happening). Besides Jones’ job is to give us the best chance to win. Having Collaros and Bridge gives us a way better chance to win than hinging the hopes of the 2018 season on Bridge becoming a stud or Glenn suddenly discovering how not to crap the bed in the playoffs.

I haven’t been this excited since… well I probably should not finish that sentence before confirming that you the reader are at least 18 years of age.