Friday, January 19, 2018

All My Exes

If you are a country music fan, there's no way you read that title without adding "live in Texas". But this isn't about music. Its an offseason game I've come up with to help pass the slow time off the offseason and to help put the vast amounts of useless CFL knowledge I have to use. I'd call this a contest but I'll be straight up and say there are no prizes (until Wisers starts sponsoring me, my budget for prizes is limited to the bottle return money I get... and I'm too lazy to return them right now) . So you are really just playing for fun, and bragging rights over a bunch of other internet strangers (which I know many people would kill for).

So here's the All My Exes game...
I will name a CFL team and you have to name me one player on that team's current roster who used to play for each of the other 8 teams in the CFL. Seems simple enough right? A couple rules:
- You can only use each player once. I.e. Zach Collaros previously played for Toronto and Hamilton but you could only use him for one or the other, not both.
- The player must have actually dressed for the team (simply owning neg rights or draft rights don't count)
- Kevin Glenn cannot be used. His greatness in the realm of ex teams is beyond reproach.

So here's an example...
If the team I gave was the Roughriders. Your answers could look like this:
BC - Mike Edem
Cal - Glenn Love
Edm - Willie Jefferson
Win - Henoc Muamba
Tor - Chad Owens
Ham - Josh Bartel
Ott - Kienan LaFrance
Mtl -  Brandon Bridge

You can submit your answers by Twitter or by leaving a comment here. By a completely arbitrary and made up scoring scheme I will award a winner and announce it on Monday.

Get it?

Okay the team of the day is: Edmonton Eskimos

Good luck

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Anonymous said...

BC- Mike Reilly
Cal-Jerome Messam
Sask-Willie Jefferson
Wpg-Matt Nichols
Mtl-Don Oramasionwu
Tor-Ricky Ray
Ott-Scott McDonnell
Ham-Jeremiah Masoli