Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts

Longtime readers will know that I am a Vikings fan (apparently I was born with a predisposition for sports teams that like to crush your soul). So it goes without saying that I was wee bit excited yesterday. I mean as a Vikings fan I'm used to witnessing epic fails in playoff games, I'm just not used to it being the opposing team doing it. I'm sure you didn't come here for my thoughts on the Vikes but I just get so few chances to bask in their post-season success that I can't just pass this opportunity up.Unreal!

You've probably guessed by now that I have minimal Rider content to discuss so I'm adding in as much filler as possible to try and pass this off as a regular post. This is were I not so smoothly segue into Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts (patent pending).

- Pretty quiet on the Rider front since the big Collaros acquisition. The only real notable thing that I have yet to comment on was the retirement of Chris Getzlaf. Obviously he had a huge impact on this franchise. But for me he will always be a mind boggling case study. He was twice a 1000 yard receiver, score 40 career TDs (including 10 in a single season). A very solid resume. The thing is he could have likely added another 30% to his stats if he had consistent hands. Unreal to think of what he accomplished in-spite of the drops that he made. On a more serious note he was a great route runner with a keen ability to get open and I wish him all the best in retirement. 

- I expect a few more signings to start filtering in over the coming weeks. With free agency approaching there will be some added pressure to finalize some deals that have been being worked on for a while.

- Hopefully that will include Duron Carter who reportedly turned down a couple NFL offers (that likely did not include much if any signing bonus). Chris Jones was going to meet with him and I'm hopeful they can work out a deal. I find it funny how one of the CFL's more controversial figures has been absolutely embraced by one of the most fickle of fan bases.

- One person not likely to be re-signed is DL Ese Mrabure... or Mr. Abure as I believe he prefers to be called. Not sure with who but Jones said that it looks like Mr Abure will sign down south. Tough to lose a versatile Canadian lineman like him.

- I love that the Als think that the answer to their QB situation is Josh Freeman. He may be a bit younger than Vince Young but I expect the result to be largely the same. The only difference is that the Als are terrible enough that Freeman may see the field. 

NFL Watch:
Brandon Zylstra (Edm) – signs with Minnesota
Elie Bouka (Ssk) – signs with Philadelphia
Shaq Richardson (Cal) – signs with Oakland
Kenny Ladler (Edm) – signs with Washington
Jonathan Mincy (Mtl) – signs with Chicago

CFL Ins and Outs

In: QB Zach Collaros (trade with Hamilton)
Out: QB Kevin Glenn, DB Elie Bouka (released), WR Chris Getzlaf (retired)

In: LS Pierre-Luc Caron (contract extension)
Out: DB Shaq Richardson (signed in NFL)

In: LS Mike Benson (contract extension)

In: DB Aaron Grymes, OL David Beard (contract extension)
Out: WR Brandon Zylstra (signed in NFL)

In: LB Ian Wild (contract extension)

In: QB Jeremiah Masoli, WR Brandon Banks, DB Jonathan Langa (contract extension) Akeem Haynes (free agent signing)
Out: QB Zach Collaros (trade with Saskatchewan)

In: OL Kendall Pace, LB Lamar Louis, LB Avery Williams, WR Richard Mullaney, DL Cliff Matthews (free agent signing)
Out: DB Nick Taylor (released)

In: QB James Franklin (signed), DL Cleyon Laing, WR Llevi Noel, OL DJ Sackey (contract extension)

In: RB Terrell Sutton (contract extension)
Out: DB Jonathan Mincy (signed in NFL)


Anonymous said...

The Carter signing becomes more urgent with Walker signing in Edmonton. Bowman was rumored going to Mtl at the trade deadline last year. I expect he takes a cut or gets traded, if Hazelton gets re-signed. Still, even with Zylstra gone, they are loaded & with Reilly throwing & Gable already on board, the leading offence the past 2 years looks ready to roll in 2018. Riders need to keep pace. Good thing is, Calgary looks to me to be a club which may drop back a bit & nothing too exciting on the BC & Wpg signing front so far. Of course, what happens this month & next in free agency will give us a clearer picture.

Anonymous said...

Barely finished my comment & Glenn signs. Sunderland locks up another piece. Loading up for the Cup in Edmonton this year.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't aware Glenn started CFL career on Esks' negotiation list in 2000. Full circle indeed.

Anonymous said...

Darion Durrant released so that they didn't have to pay Bonus. Hope Collaros restructures his contract, if he doesn't does he become Free Agent ??.

I thought for most part that Carter kept his ego in check last year, and from what I seen from my living room was that the WR unit felt like Family.

is it Free Agent day yet


Rider Prophet said...

Anon 1 - Bowman is a guy to watch. They currently have over $450K of salary tied up between him and Walker (which is steep) and he's coming off a season cut short by injury where he didn't completely look like his dominant self even when healthy.

Glenn is a smart add for Edmonton... minus the part where Mike Reilly is now cursed.

Anon 2 - I didn't hear the piece about his neg rights, that's super interesting.

Anon 3 - Sounds like the Collaros restructure is all but done. Worse case scenario we would either have to pay him $500K + or cut him... but it won't come to that.

I agree that we need some more news