Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Morning Sentimonies: A New Tradition

As the Riders move from historic Taylor Field (aka old Mosaic) I have been thinking about the opportunity this inaugural season presents to start some new traditions. There are so many cool things going on in the sporting world like the All Blacks' Haka, Wisconsin's Jump Around, even stadiums where fans yell first down in unison. With our new stadium it would be super cool if we could institute a new tradition. What we need is something unique, original like Green is the Colour and the 13th Man (which were totally not just copied from other teams).

So I took it upon myself to come up with a number of suggestions on what that new tradition could be. However, anyone who knows me knows could likely surmise that what I came up with was less plausible/appropriate and more comedic/ridiculous. So they were all summarily rejected by the Riders. And so I present to you

Rider Prophet's Top 7 Reject Ideas For New Traditions

7 - Roman Candles
Fireworks after a scoring play are common practice, but what about taking it to the next level and have 30,000 fans light off Roman Candles after a TD. Obviously there are some minor legal and safety concerns to work though but just think how cool it would look.
6 - Release the Gophers
Instead of having one mascot gopher circle the stadium, this idea involved a trained pack of real gophers doing a lap around the field. The main concern here was the fact that this is Saskatchewan and people would try and shoot them.
5 - Light It Up
This one requires a bit of forward thinking. Given that weed will soon be legal in Canada (and the fact that its not like its uncommon now), we could start a tradition where a puff of smoke 30,000 people strong celebrates a score. It would certainly be popular with the players.
4 - Snowmobile Doing Flips
This one is really self explanatory. Give the people what they want.

3 - Left Shark
Remember the infamous left shark from the Katy Perry halftime? Put that guy in a Rider jersey and its solid gold. (I may have put this one in there purely for my own self interest)


2 - Take It Off
So hear me out on this one. We make it a game day tradition that if the Riders score, the cheerleaders remove an article of clothing. And to ensure we give equal opportunity here, if our opponents score, the make cheerleaders remove an article clothing. What this idea lacks in decency, morality, taste and taking into account the harsh prairie winters it more than makes up for in mass appeal.

1 - Obscure Song
People love to sing along to Sweet Caroline so a sing along is bound to be a crowd pleasure. But in order to make it unique to Saskatchewan we need to pick a song that is a bit off the beaten path (and no I'm not talking about the Last Saskatchewan Pirate). How about I Like to Move It, Thong Song or Tubthumping. As long as we are singing in unison.


melonhead said...

Those are all equal parts ridiculous and amazing, well done prophet. Excellent idea in general, to start the conversation about future new Mosaic traditions.

How about we mic up the 'And that's another Riders...' guy from section 28 and have the whole stadium reply "first down, woooo" instead of just everyone in his general vicinity. Or even have the stadium announcer do some kind of call and crowd response.

A knockoff Lambeau Leap? (Mosaic Mosh? Regina Rise?)

Have a section (or three) (in the north endzone?) that stands all game.

Sell noisemakers for once and have that be our thing. Cowbells, plastic horns, I dunno just pick something and sell em on gamedays with a logo slapped on.

A dollar off beers for five minutes after a Rider TD. Is public drunkenness a tradition?

Work out a deal with a train company to drive by and blow their horns after a win. Do they have a price is right type sad tuba noise for losses? Or if no one uses those tracks anymore just have a Rider train car parked there all the time and blow the horn on second and longs.

Let kids and kids at heart onto the field after games to check things out from the player's perspective.

Have an organized pre-game fan march behind the drumline from the practice field or whereever to the stadium?

If they replace Bring Em Out I'm expecting to be disappointed, I hope that tradition survives the move.

Rider Prophet said...

melonhead - The Price Is Right Tuba sound effect is one of my favourite suggestions ever! This needs to be a thing!

Every one having cowbells would also be pretty awesome. "I got a Fever.."