Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CFL Draft 2017 Team Preview: Montreal Alouettes

Just like the Argonauts, the Alouettes don’t even get to benefit from their own futility as they traded away their 1st round pick. But hey, they Vernon Adams thing is sure working out for them. Lots of work to do for Kavis Reed to do to return the Alouettes being contenders. 

Picks: 8 picks, first selection is 12th Overall

2016 Draft Assessment: A very typical Jim Popp draft: some good, mixed with some crazy. Wisely invested the 2nd overall pick in OL Phillippe Gagnon. Questionably used the 11th overall pick on RB Wayne Moore (who didn’t dress for a game in 2016). Not much to show for the rest of the draft other than some players who could potentially be depth players this upcoming season.

Potential Pipeline: n/a (at one point they had DL Tyrone Crawford on their neg list but not sure if they still do… not that it matters, he ain’t coming north anytime soon).

Current Strengths:
Over the offseason, they amassed a crazy stockpile of Cdn DL (Shologan, Oramasionwu, Westerman Klassen and Joseph). Seems like overkill to me but I guess there are worse problems to have. Their O-line is a far cry from the envy of the league it used to be. The move to 2 import tackles will help. An interior of Blake, Matte, and Gagnon with Brodeur-Jourdain and Ruby (who failed epically when they played him at tackle last season) for depth is not too shabby. Jim Popp was never big on Cdn Receivers (generally opting for only a token one) but with Guigere, Charette and the newly signed Devon Bailey, they suddenly have some depth there. I see that trio providing solid special team/rotational defense play. Also, hard not to mention Daryl Townsend who is a solid special teamer. Ackie, Plesius and Boulay add to their strength on teams.

Current Needs:
Big question relates to where they will get their 7th Cdn starter. 3 OL, 2 DL and 1 WR seem to be a given. There is some talk of making Plesius a starter at LB. Hamilton tried that a few years ago and it didn’t work so I would have my doubts. You could also do a second Cdn WR, a 3rd Cdn DL or make Ackie a starter at safety or OLB. They need to build depth wherever they choose to find that 7th starter.

Having to wait to the second round is not a great position for Kavis Reed but unfortunately he has to face the (dare I say) consequences (yes I went there) of his predecessor. I would think that they target either a LB/DB or build OL depth. Then again Reed may be crazy and just keep adding D-linemen.

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