Friday, June 19, 2009

Humble Beginnings

Eskimos 45 – Riders 12

Well that certainly wasn’t the beginning that many were hoping for for the 2009 Riders. We were pretty much manhandled by Edmonton for 4 quarters and there wasn’t too much to cheer about save for one drive in the second quarter. The good news though is that this is only the preseason, where wins are about as valuable as an Akili Smith rookie card. As was pointed out during the broadcast, the Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the preseason last season and look how much that benefited them. That’s not saying I wouldn’t have been happier with a stronger performance by the Riders but at the end of the day preseason is just a chance to evaluate young players in a game situation… and that’s exactly what we did.

Here are some random observations I had on the game:

- Did anyone else get super pumped up when they played Bring ‘Em Out during pre-game?

- Highlight of the game for me was when Pedersen yelled out “Good Lord!” when McGahee get rocked by Jason Nugent.

- If they had enough cameras to make video replay possible, why is the league not making it possible either through TV or internet for fans to view the game? I’d pay to see it. You’re sitting on a goldmine here Cohon!

- Every time they said Lester Ricard it really sounded like Lester Retard.

- Speaking of names as if Jamacia Rector was the best one of the night.

- To all you Jyles haters out there, he seemed to be our best QB Wednesday. Me and Media Consultant still like him and would have no problems with him starting.

- Juan Woah-seph sure had a rough CFL debut… sack, slip while throwing, INT, pulled.

- What a train wreck Bell was. I’m sure he’ll get better but the man many had proclaimed the saviour of Riderville sure didn’t live up to the hype.

- Durant struggled but he was just starting to get into a grove before he was pulled. I bet if he had another quarter he would have looked a lot better.

- Guys who improved their stock: Eric Morris, Stevie Baggs, Joel Lipinski

- Guys who improved their odds of being cut: Bam Childress, Byron Ross

- Had to laugh that Richie saved Lumsden and his starting O-line for the 4th quarter when our soon to be cuts we on the field.

- Clearly it was preseason for the announcers too (though I doubt things will improve much). Some of my memorable quotes include…
- “He’s gonna run. To the 20… 25… 10 and tackled at the 7”
- Carm going on about the mats

- While I guarantee Jason Clermont will not lead the Riders in receiving yards I’m will to bet he will lead the team in receiving 1st downs and will extend many drives.

- I was as shocked as anyone that Aaron Wagner fumbled on his first carry

For a 1st preseason game I’m not sure what more you can expect. The real indicator is if we improve next game when our vets play more than a series or to.

First game day at Mosaic is only a few days away… I can’t wait.

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Cousin Clem said...

I thought it was just about a replay of the first pre-season game last year. I agree that it certainly doesn't have any bearing on the season to come.