Thursday, April 19, 2012

Riders Make Roster Moves

The Riders made a pile of moves today, cutting a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of and signing a bunch that you will never likely come to know. Such is life in the offseason. That said there were some very notable moves.

Released were Dario Romero, Clint Oldenburg, Justin Wilson, Alvin Bowen, Jamal Fudge and Matt Williams.

Romero is the most notable (and likely the only name you recognize). I was actually hoping for this move for a while. To be fair I don’t think signing Romero in the first place was a bad idea. He did his job and was an improvement over Chunky. To his credit he was one of the few you actually still played like he cared when things turned into a gong show last year. But the fact is he’s old, likely to see his production drop in year 2 here (see Simpson, Barrin), took dumb penalties and could be replaced for half the price. The last point is likely why he’s gone. I give this is one a thumbs up.

Oldenburg is the other big one even though he’s never even donned a Rider jersey. He was touted by Taman as a young Dan Goodspeed and essentially penciled in as our new starting OT. Apparently he has old injuries that just won’t hold up to the rigors of pro football anymore. It’s too bad since by all accounts he sounded like a good guy. But it leaves a gaping hole at tackle that would give Burris’ teeth a run for their money. I guess Canadian Patrick Neufeld is the next logical guy but who knows what Taman has in store. I’m sure he has another failed attempt up his sleeve.

Wilson and Fudge actually played a game last year but you likely don’t remember them. Like me you are likely still trying to repress the memories of most of last season.

Bowen and Williams you will fall in the “we never knew ye at all” category unless you happened to see them in the Florida mini-camp videos.

Signed were DBs Macho Harris (love the name), TJ Rushing and Talmadge Jackson (hey we already have a T Jackson at DB so they better cut one of you. Also signed was QB JT O’Sullivan. While I’m looking forward to seeing the DBs compete, I honestly hope this O’Sullivan thing is a joke.

O’Sullivan is 32, has never played the Canadian game, holds the NFL record for most teams played for at 11 and the best thing I could find about his crazy NFL career is that when he was the start in San Francisco he threw 11 interceptions, fumbled 11 times and was sacked 32 times in starting 8 games.

So again… this is a joke right?

Sadly with Taman it is not a joke. He’s probably serious. (Shakes head in disgust)


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought about JT O'Sullivan. He was signed because we have no QB with any pro experience except DD. Do I think he will be #2? Nope. Number #3? Maybe but I bet he will be gone before the season starts unless the other QBs are so bad we have to keep him.

BTW maybe JT was so bad because the SF O-Line was worse than the Riders last year. Say didn't we go about half a season without scoring a TD or something? Mmmmmmm Wasn't that with DD playing? JT did ok in NFL Europe so I say what's the harm bring him in? Matt Williams was like 165lbs and about 5'7" wasn't he? No big loss there.

Rider Prophet said...

I would hardly consider a guy who has never played Canadian football as a viable emergency option regardless of how much pro experience he has holding a clipboard. Honestly might as well just have kept Dinwiddie if that's what we needed (not that I would ever be in favour of that)

I figured that the OL had to have something to do with the ridiculous amount of sacks but still not exactly the stuff you want to read about your new QB prospect.

I don't think there is any particular harm in signing him but my preference is always to sign guys with potential over guys who who have likely peaked.

Anonymous said...

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