Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CFL Draft Preview: Toronto Argonauts

Canadians Under Contract: 25

One Word Description of Current Canadians: So-so (which is a huge achievement by Argo standards)

Early Round Track Record: No so good. Only 1 of their last 4 first rounders is with the team (Eppele). Historically Toronto has tended to either trade away their top picks or use them on guys who end up in the NFL.

First Pick: 2nd Round 9th Overall

Number of Picks: 5

Strengths: They currently have 10 Cdn OL under contract so they have plenty of options there. On defense they have Pottinger and Foley who are ratio busting starters. They also have a solid offensive starter in Andre Durie and developing talents like Watt and to a lesser extent Kouame.

Potential Pipeline: LB Cory Greenwood (KC Chiefs), OT Joel Reindeers (NY Giants), OL Tyler Holmes (college) and of course Nick Kaczur (hahahaha)

Needs: With the exception of OL, depth is an issue. They currently lack a solid back-up to Foley on the DL. With the draft being as deep as it is with DL prospects Toronto will be looking to add there. They only have one solitary Cdn DB on the roster so that is another place they will look to add (though it won’t be a high priority since they run an all import secondary). Lastly their kicker is pushing 40 so they may look to draft a kicker to groom as his eventual replacement.

Bold Prediction: Toronto continues their early round futility by drafting a player (my bet is along the D-line) that won’t play in the CFL in 2012.


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