Friday, April 20, 2012

CFL Draft Preview: Hamilton Ti-Cats

Canadians Under Contract: 31

One Word Description of Current Canadians: Mixed-bag (yes I know that’s actually 2 words)

Early Round Track Record: Luck has certainly not been on their side despite the fact that they had the top choice more often than any other team in the past few years. They haven’t drafted that bad but all their highly touted picks are either out of football (Barker), not in the CFL (Guigere), a bust (Bauman) or currently with other teams (Rottier, Bekasiak). The only first rounder they have left to show is Darcy Brown… and the fact that they felt they needed to use a first rounder on him is laughable. They could easily have got him in the 2nd or 3rd round.

First Pick: 1st Round 3rd Overall

Number of Picks: 6

Strengths: They have tremendous depth at Cdn LB (which is odd since they start 3 Americans at LB). They have a solid receiving tandem in Fantuz and Stala. They have some very good Cdn special teams players which should not be discounted. 

Potential Pipeline: WR Samuel Guiguere (exploring NFL options), OL Moe Petrus (college)

Needs: The fact that they have just 6 Canadian OL under contract should be causing some concern in Steeltown. It will be their top focus. Lesser needs include depth at DB (since they start a Cdn at corner) and someone to do kickoffs and punts (because Luca Congi sure as hell can’t!)

Bold Prediction: Hamilton’s first 2 picks will be O-linemen and will take punter Brett Cameron in the 5th Round.

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