Monday, April 16, 2012

CFL Draft Preview: Montreal Alouettes

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Canadians Under Contract: 30

One Word Description of Current Canadians: Solid 

Early Round Track Record: Jekyll and Hyde. They done some great things like draft Shea Emry (as good a Canadian LB as there is) and Kristian Matte (a future star at tackle). They have also done some things that make you think they are on drugs like using first round picks on the likes of Richard Yalowsky (whose knee was shot long before the draft) and Brody McKnight (a kicker they didn’t even need and may never see).

First Pick: 2nd Round 11th Overall

Number of Picks: 6

Strengths: Building an all Cdn O-line with late round picks. Montreal’s starting 5 consist of one 2nd Rounder, three 3rd Rounders and one 6th Rounder. Given the immense priority O-linemen get in the draft, to build an elite O-line with that many late round picks is remarkable! They also have a deep stable of back-ups along the O-line. Good base of LBs and DBs as well.

Potential Pipeline: K Brody McKnight (college), OL Phillip Blake (college), DL Vaughn Martin (San Diego)

Needs: They current have only one Cdn Receiver on the roster so they need to add a few at that spot. Also look for them to build depth behind defensive starters Emry (LB) and Boulay (S).

Bold Prediction: Jim Popp incites widespread riot when he fails to draft at least one player with a French sounding name.

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