Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CFL Draft Preview: Edmonton Eskimos

Canadians Under Contract: 32

One Word Description of Current Canadians: Rebounding

Early Round Track Record: Mixed bag. It’s where the core of their O-line has come from (Hinse, Wojt, Mitchell) but there have also been duds like Warren Keane and Brian Bulcke (who was a great choice but is now in Calgary with very little for Edmonton in return).

First Pick: 1st Round 2nd Overall

Number of Picks: 4

Strengths: D-line is a huge area of strength with Ted Laurent, Jermaine Reid, Etienne Legare and the newly acquired Don Oramasionwu. They have good depth at OL (given the addition of Rottier) and decent depth at DB as well.

Potential Pipeline: N/A

Needs: Even though they added Nate Coehoorn in the first round last year, they are still fairly weak at WR (with apologies to Andrew Nowacki… actually no, no apologies) and will look to add there. They will also probably be looking to add an offensive tackle. Tillman also tends to always be looking 2-3 years down the road so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a pick or two that the Esks will have to wait a year for.

Bold Prediction: Eric Tillman will make a minimum of 3 trades during the draft (or in the minutes before the daft).

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