Monday, April 23, 2012

CFL Draft Preview: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Canadians Under Contract: 24

One Word Description of Current Canadians: Dwindling

Early Round Track Record: Spans the entire spectrum of success. They have drafted elite players like Shologan, middle of the road people like Shomari Williams, rising stars like Butler and absolute failures like Tamon George, David McKoy and Ducarmel Augustin.

First Pick: 1st Round 1st Overall

 Number of Picks: 3

Strengths: The additions of Picard and Labatte have boosted the O-line immensely. Outside of that there are a number of great individuals. Shologan is among the best as his position. Butler is a gem. Getzlaf is consistently productive and if by chance Rob Bagg’s knee is healthy they have another elite receiver at their disposal.

Potential Pipeline: OT Matt O’Donnell (Cincinnati Bengals)

Needs: Pretty much every position but offensive guard and centre (which is why I have concerns that Heenan will likely be their first pick). Depth behind Shologan is paper thin. Depth behind Butler is Woldu (who is not a safety) and a junior player. There is no depth behind McCullough at LB. Outside of Getzlaf all they have at receiver is a bunch of questions (Bagg’s knee, Sisco’s talent, etc...). You name it they need it.

Bold Prediction: Taman will trade the 1st overall pick (not really bold given that it’s Taman... but still I bet Taman trades down a few spots).

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