Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: CFL Draft Coverage 2012

The CFL Draft is under a month away so it’s time to kick off coverage and analysis here on the blog. By actually providing draft coverage and analysis I think I automatically qualify as a Draft Expert since I am one of 3 people not named Duane Forde to be doing so in the country. Ahh the two sweetest words in the English language De-Fault!

Leading up to the draft here is what you can expect in terms of draft coverage:

Team Analysis – Over the next couple weeks I’ll present a breakdown of each team’s current Canadian content, potential pipeline (i.e. previous draft picks that have yet to report) and needs and potential strategy headed into this year’s draft. We start tomorrow with the BC Lions.

Mock Draft – Aptly named since the content will likely be heavily mocked once the actual draft goes down. Trust me it will beat whatever you are doing at work that day. This will follow the team analysis.

5th Annual Live Draft Day Blogging – Follow along on draft day with my analysis and smart ass commentary.

This year I’m also excited to kick off a new contest. New this year is the First Annual Rider Prophet Draft Contest. Your chance to weigh in on the draft and win prizes... and not just the metaphorical and imaginary ones I normally give out here. Actual tangible prizes!

Here’s how it works:
-       I will give you a list of 10 high profile draft prospects.

-       You guess which team will draft each prospect and send your submission to me either by leaving a comment, sending me an email to riderprophet at hotmail or if you really want to challenge yourself I suppose you could attempt to tweet me your picks @RiderProphet

-       Whoever gets the most correct wins the prize (which I am getting to)

-       There will be a bonus tie breaker question in the event of a tie (go figure, not sure what other purpose a tie breaker question would serve)

Prize is: Winners choice of a Tim Hortons Gift Card, 2 free drinks courtesy of the Prophet at a home game this season or a free Rider Prophet Shirt (a new one not just one from my dresser).

Here at your prospects to guess:
1.    Ben Heenan OL
2.    Austin Pasztor OL
3.    Shawmawd Chambers WR
4.    Tyrone Crawford DL
5.    Kirby Fabien OL
6.    Frederic Plesius LB
7.    Ameet Pall DE
8.    Bryce McCall DB
9.    Simon Charboneau-Campeau WR
10.  Ismael Bamba WR

Bonus Question: Who will be selected first overall and by what team?

So again email, comment or tweet me which team each prospect will be drafted by and we will see some draft day who wins the prize?


Tom Gunther said...

Ok here is my picks

-1st overall is Ben Heenan by SSK (I can't see Taman passing up that kind of good press by signing a homegrown Saskatchewan lineman)

Austin Pasztor by the Ti-cats

Shawmawd Chambers by Eskies

Tyrone Crawford by the Stamps

Frederic Plesius by the Lions (Though I want SSK to draft him)

Kirby Fabien by the Bombers

Ismael Bamba by Toronto

Ameet Pall by the Bombers

Bryce McCall by the Als

Simon Carboneau-Campeau by Eskies

DB said...

1st overall goes to Chambers by ssk. I figure everyone else will pick Heenan. Plus I'm one of few who believe that drafting is a mistake unless he can play tackle. We have labatte, best, Hutchins, and akg who are all guards. I know AKG is also a center.

Heena Edmonton

Pazstor. Hamilton

Crawford Calgary in the second

Fabian Edmonton

Plesius bc

Campuea Calgary

Pall bc

McCall Hamilton

Bambi Winnipeg

Being I did my guessing while on the crapper inhale on the crappier located in the middle of nowwhere saak, I'm goon to go out on a limb and say all my picks are a crapshoot

Anonymous said...

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