Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Roundup: Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

Starting Monday I will be kicking off my pre-draft coverage with team analysis, mock draft and a contest for you readers with an actual prize. But for today you are stuck with my half assed stat holiday effort... which of course means Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts.

-       The League announced that every team was under the salary cap. It’s actually a pretty big accomplishment when you consider that since the cap was brought in the Als, Bombers and Riders (3 times) have been fined.

-       It’s reassuring to know that such an awful season can still be purchased for a hair over $4 million. That’s less than a million per win people! Talk about value!

-       Can you imagine the riot that would have ensued if the Riders had been over the cap with just 5 wins, not 9-gaming Durant and whatever the hell we did with Wheelright?

-       The Riders ran some mini-camps in Florida last week and it led to some very short videos of our new prospects. I am so football starved that I actually started breaking down performance and making an advanced list of who is on the potential cut list.

-       Wayne Smith managed to sign a 3 year deal with the Argonauts. At first glance it would seem insane that anyone would think that Smith could last 3 years. But when it comes to Wayne Smith a 3 year contract is only a 3.5 game commitment by the Argos money-wise.

-       New jerseys are set to be released in May. Seems the league has decided they need to suck a bit more money out of us. Just because I’m on to their scheme doesn’t mean I won’t get suckered in by it.

Happy Easter everyone and be sure to check back Monday as I kick off CFL Draft coverage and the Draft Contest.

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