Friday, December 13, 2013

Expansion Draft: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

We conclude our expansion draft team analysis at the bottom of the barrel… in Winnipeg. This is kind of like searching through the trash and trying to find treasure. Here’s the truth when it comes to taking players from the Bombers… They are widely regarded as the worst collection of talent in the league so the starting point is not great. They then get to keep the ten “best” imports and six "best" Canadians. Then add in that 8 additional import  players are FAs and 13 NI. So if you are picking from what’s left there’s not much to pick from.

Round 1: Imports
Players likely to be protected: Max Hall, Terrence Edwards, Andre Douglas, Glenn January, Desia Dunn, Bryant Turner, Clarence Denmark, Johnny Sears, Demond Washington, Ian Wild, Zach Anderson

-       Honestly the Bombers might as well not even bother protecting a QB. Ottawa doesn’t want what they have and odds are who they have now won’t be the starter in Winnipeg come 2014 anyway
-       Chad Simpson, Jovon Johnson, Kenny Mainor, Chris Matthews and Will Ford are potential FAs
-       I know Andre Douglas is potential FA too but I think the Bombers need to play it safe with him. He’s a decent starting tackle and they need to re-sign him. Given how crappy the Bombers are I wouldn’t give any team the chance to try and woo him before February.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Based on what’s left I see Ottawa taking Marky Markett, a young DB who has shown promise.

Round 2: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Henoc Muamba, Cory Watson, Pat Neufeld, Tyson Pencer, Chris Greaves, Cauchy Muamba

-       Henoc Muamba is a potential FA but like Douglas above (though far more importantly), the Bombers are desperately trying to re-sign him and don’t want to risk letting him talk to anyone else before February (it’s bad enough for them that the NFL is kicking his tires).

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Ottawa essentially gets the 18th best Canadian off of the Bombers once you factor in FAs. Which is like getting the 18th best looking girl left at 3am in a shaddy bar. I see Ottawa defaulting to shoring up the OL and taking Paul Swiston.

Round 3: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Kito Poblah, Jake Thomas, Rene Stephan, James Green, Carl Volny, Carl Fitzgerald.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Based on limited options, I see the REDBLACKS! boosting their French content by taking Phillipe Dubuisson-Lebon.


Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I wonder, could Ottawa simply say There is nobody in Winnipeg we're interested in? And pass.

Rider Prophet said...

Actually I'm pretty sure I read that they have to pick 3 players from each team (maybe the league feared they might pass on Winnipeg and made a preemtive rule)

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

In that case we have to consider whether the loss of those three players would make the Piggy Winks better or worse.