Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Expansion Draft: Calgary Stampeders

Any talk surrounding the Stamps and this draft centres around QBs. Simply put, Calgary has 3 QBs that could start and can only protect one. Seems logical that Ottawa would take advantage of that. The only thing that I think should make Ottawa think twice about that is the fact that the Stamps also have an abundance at another key position… kicker. Stamps can only protect Paredes which in theory would leave Maver open but if Ottawa takes a QB then they can’t take a kicker. Obviously it’s more important to get a QB than a kicker but if Ottawa was confident it could address that through free agency and drafting another QB then maybe a young kicker would be worth going for. I bet they go QB but its definitely not a no brainer.

Round 1: Imports
Players likely to be protected: Bo Levi Mitchell, Stanley Bryant, Shawn Lemon, Keon Raymond, Brandon Smith, Larry Taylor, Joe West, Charleston Hughes, Jeff Fuller, Edwin Harrison, Deon Mayo.

-       Maurice Price, Cordarro Law, Malik Jackson, Juwan Simpson and Fred Bennett might normally be on the protected list but are potential FAs
-       Uncertainty surrounding recovery from knee injuries keep Micah Johnson and Marquay McDaniel off the list
-       As crazy as it seems, based on where he is in his career and his recent injury, I bet the Stamps leave Lewis unprotected and roll the dice on him not being taken.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
If they weren’t going QB, they could nab a vet receiver like Lewis or McDaniel (though both have injury concerns) but with Collaros being an FA, Ottawa’s best chance at a starting QB comes from Calgary. Personally I think Glenn would be great selection. Guy can still play and would be perfect to bring a young team along. That said the REDBLACKS will be looking to make an impact and take riskier pick in Drew Tate. Guy is a bandaid so much though that its laughable to even call him a starter since he never does but the flashes of potential are there. Not the pick I’d make but I think it’s what Ottawa will do.

Round 2: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Jon Cornish, Dan Federkeil, Jon Gott, Brett Jones, Eric Fraser, J’Michael Deane, Junior Turner, Brad Sinopoli

-       Calgary gets 8 protections if Ottawa takes a QB
-       Ottawa can take a kicker from a team if they take a QB so Calgary doesn’t have to waste a protection spot on Paredes or Maver
-       Dmitri Tsoumpas and Rob Cote are potential FAs so they don’t need to be protected.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
With 8 protections and no kickers in play, the potential crop of selections is pretty weak already. Based on that I would employ a strategy that is popular in the CIS Draft: “When in doubt, draft an OL”. By default that makes the pick Spencer Wilson.

Round 3: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Matt Walter, Ben D’Aguilar, Wilkerson DeSouza, Keenan McDougall, Justin Phillips, Corey Mace.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
By this point, if you exclude potential FAs, there will be like 2 people to pick from. So I guess Yannick Carter will be the last man standing so Carter will be Ottawa bound.

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