Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Round-Up

It's been an eventful week in the CFL so we will take a break from Expansion Draft Team previews to get caught up on all that's been going on. I'll be back on Monday with the 7th Annual Rider Prophet Awards and then Tuesday through Friday we will resume Expansion Draft previews with a look at the East Division.

If you havent already done so make sure to cast your vote in the Fans Choice Douche Bag of the Year. Jon Cornish currently leads Ed Hervey by a wide margin. Will Cornish become the first to repeat the dubious title? Only you will decide.

On to the goings on in the League...

Riders announced 4 contract extensions. Getzlaf, Bagg and Picard through 2015 and Labatte through 2016. Always great to lock up top end Canadian talent. Getz and Labatte are no brainers. Picard is likely a sign that we will be protecting him and letting Ottawa take Foley. As for Bagg, there is talk that his deal was one that would make him unattractive to Ottawa to discourage taking him.  (i.e. big signing bonus due Dec 17 that we ultimately renegotiate). Of course no team would ever stoop to such dubious tactics right?

Coaching Moves
- Winnipeg hired Mike O'Shea as their new HC
- Tim Burke signed on as the new DC in Toronto
- Rick Campbell will be the first HC of the REDBLACKS!!
- All signs point to Jim Popp staying on as MOntreal's HC
- BC parted ways with OC Jacques Chapdelaine. They are interested in LaPolice and Cortez as possible replacements (Montreal has also been in contact with LaPo about an OC job)
- Nothing official but all signs point to Craig Dickenson going to Edmonton (ST), Khari Jones to Winnipeg(OC) and Marc Nelson to Ottawa(DC).

There was rumors briefly that Danny Maciocia was in contention for the Ottawa and that would have just been fantastic... for everyone but Ottawa. His inept team management and creepy QB man crushes would have been awesome. He is dearly missed... by everyone but Edmonton.

NFL Watch
- Minnesota Vikings worked out the following players: Alex Hall, Nick Moore, Dontrell Inman, Ted Laurent and Chris Matthews
- Henoc Muamba has a workout shceduled with the Denver Broncos and a few other unnamed teams
- Biggest news was Weston Dressler having workouts scheduled with multiple unnamed teams.

With Dressler, its no surprise he's getting workouts but it remains to be seen if that will turn into a contract offer. The main issue with Dressler from an NFL perspective is that he is pretty old for a team to take a chance on given that he hasn't played four down ball since college. He may get an offer but he will have to evaluate the seriousness if he's just gonna be training camp fodder he's better off the re-sign here. If someone if willing to give him a serious shot then he should take it. I wish him the best but deep down selfishly hope nothing materializes (be honest, you are too). 

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