Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Round-Up

The Expansion Draft on Monday kicked off a flurry of activity across the CFL this week. I assume its coincidence that a bunch a free agents were convinced to sign contract extensions these last few days because there is no way a team would consciously delay filing an already agreed to contract to circumvent the expansion draft process right? … Right? Actually Winnipeg was the most blatant offender as their first re-signings were announced very quickly after the expansion draft ended. The CFL was considering fining them but decided against it when they realized that no one wanted to sign the Bombers’ crappy players anyway.

Coaching Moves
Big news was Rich Stubler deciding against Winnipeg where it was strongly rumoured he was heading and opting instead for Calgary. It’s a huge signing by the Stamps and nicely fills the void left by the departure of Rick Campbell.

NFL Watch
Henoc Muamba – tryout with New England
Nick Moore – tryouts with Minnesota, San Diego and Houston

CFL Ins and Outs

In: RB Hugh Charles, DL Almondo Sewell, DB Joe Burnett, QB Matt Nichols, DB Matt Miller (contract extension)
Word is Hugh Charles got $100,000 contract which a) is the latest in a long line of crazy things done by Hervey and b) makes re-signing Kory Sheets that much harder… if Charles is worth $100K, then Sheets must be worth $4.5 million or so.

In: DL Bryant Turner, OL Steve Morley, P Mike Renaud (contract extension), K Liram Hajrullahu (free agent signing)
Out: Sandro DeAngelis (cut)
It is not immediately clear whether Winnipeg’s overall sucking or another round of renovations at the DeAngelis household are more to blame for why things didn’t work out.

In: WR Mitch Thompson, RB Andre Lalonde, LB Tyler Greenslade (free agent signing)

In: OL Joel Reinders, OL Carson Rockhill, OL Landon Rice, OL Mike Filer (contract extension)

In: DL Alan Michael Cash (contract extension)
Out: OL Andrew Woodruff (retired)

In: OL Brander Craighead (2013 Cdn Draft pick signing)

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