Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Expansion Draft: Hamilton Ti-Cats

We continue our look at the East division by looking at the East Division Champion Ti-Cats. There are 2 factors that make this draft potentially more problematic for the Ti-Cats. First, unlike most teams, they have a relatively small free agent list with only 7. Second, likely due to Eric Tillman’s influence, they carried a massive roster all season with a huge injured list. So they have more players and less of them will be passed on by Ottawa due to free agency. 

Round 1: Imports
Players likely to be protected: Dan LeFevour, CJ Gable, Brian Simmons, Joel Figueroa, Brandon Boudreaux, Evan McCullough, Marcellous Bowman, Delvin Breaux, Bakari Grant, Greg Ellingson, Eric Norwood.

-       Simoni Lawrence, Jamall Johnson and Torrey Davis might normally be on this list but they are FAs

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Plenty of options here for Ottawa. Could take a young guy with potential like Luke Tasker, or a proven vet like Brandon Isaac but I think they opt for Rico Murray would could easily slot in as a starting LB with the new team.

Round 2: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Andy Fantuz, Sam Giguere, Courtney Stephen, Greg Wojt, Brian Bulke, Frederic Plesius

-       Luca Congi is a potential FA
-       Tim O’Neil and Marwan Hage are old and so the Ti-Cats are likely to risk leaving them unprotected given the unlikelihood Ottawa takes them.
-       Peter Dyakowski would normally be protected (and highly sought after) but he suffered a big leg injury in the Grey Cup and so his status is currently up in the air.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Would be tempting for Ottawa to risk Dyakowski’s health to get a solid O-lineman but they will be far more risk averse. I see them taking DL Hasan Hazime. In his first year he already looked good along that D-line and could potentially be an every down starter in Ottawa for the foreseeable future.

Round 3: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: CO Prime, John Delahunt, Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, Neil King, Peter Dyakowski

Who Will Ottawa Take?
To build OL depth they likely take Cody Husband but they may also build up their French content by taking Marc-Antoine Fortin.

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