Thursday, December 12, 2013

Expansion Draft: Toronto Argonauts

Next up in our team analysis is the Toronto Argonauts. There was lots of speculation that Zach Collaros would top the REDBLACKS! wish list but his free agency status (and rumoured NFL ambitions) certainly put a stop to all of that talk.

Round 1: Imports
Players likely to be protected: Ricky Ray, Marcus Ball, John Chiles, Chad Owens, SirVincent Rogers, Aaron Maybin, Jarriel King, Jaime Robinson, Khalif Mitchell, Jalil Carter, Shane Horton

-       Robert McCune, Patrick Watkins, Dontrell Inman and Swayze Waters are pending FAs. Jim Barker was quoted as saying he’ll be protecting “a few free agents”. So I guess that means that one of McCune, Watkins or Waters will be protected over Carter, King or Robinson.
-       I left Chad Kackert off because an injury plagued season likely will deter Ottawa (and will likely make the Argos willing to risk losing him).

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Kackert would be tempting as would defenders like Ricardo Colclough or Demtrice Morley but I think Ottawa will look to the O-line and take tackle Tony Washington as that will be one of their more challenging positions to fill.

Round 2: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Andre Durie, Joe Eppele, Tyler Holmes, Jeff Keeping, Cleyon Laing, Chris Van Zeyl

-       Not sure if Barker’s plan to protect a few FAs applies to Canadians as well but the FA list of non-imports is hardly impressive for them so I doubt it.
-       Argos are very high on Jermaine Gabriel so while he might not be the most recognizeable name they may play it safe and protect him in favour of one of the O-linemen.

Who Will Ottawa Take?
A lot of good options here but I think the best is Jason Pottinger. He’s a really god Canadian LB who has served as a starter in the past. He’s a former 1st round pick and would be a nice addition to the REDBLACKS!

Round 3: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Matt Black, Jermaine Gabriel, Spencer Watt, Herve Tonye-Tonye, James Yurichuk, Jonathan Hood

Who Will Ottawa Take?
He may not be starting material but in terms of OL depth Kyle Koch is a veteran worth adding.


Ted said...

Are you going to summarize all your picks and show us Ottawa's potential team roaster?

Rider Prophet said...

Sure I can do that. I'll include their 2013 draft picks and the FAs they have signed so far.