Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Draft Day

Well the big day has finally arrived. Today, Ottawa gets to pillage the other team’s roster to cobble together a roster. I’ll keep this morning’s post short… not because I’m lazy (well partially) but because all the big news will come later in the day when Ottawa’s picks are announced. I’ll give a quick update on players getting come nFL looks and then to a summary of Ottawa’s projected roster based on my predictions of who Ottawa takes as well as their 2013 draft picks and current FA signings. I’ll be back tomorrow with full analysis of the Expansion Draft.

NFL Watch
Kory Sheets – tryout with Indy
Weston Dressler – interest by unnamed teams that appears to be serious enough for them to be talking money
Henoc Mumba – tryouts with Denver and Minnesota
Alex Hall – Tryout with Minnesota
Ted Laurent – Tryout with Minnesota
Chris Matthews – Tryout with Minnesota
Dontrell Inman – Tryout with Minnesota and San Diego
Codarrow Law – Tryout with San Diego and New England
Chris Randle – tryout with San Diego

Projected Ottawa Roster
Includes my project expansion picks, 2013 draft picks and FA signings so far

QB – Drew Tate (Cal), Matt Faulkner (FA)
RB – Chris Garrett (Sk), Jordan Roberts (FA), Eric O’neal (FA), Michael Hayes (FA)
WR – Marco Iannuzzi (BC), Nate Coehoorn (Edm), Brandon London (Mtl), Fred Rouse (FA), Tyler Digby (draft)
OL – Spencer Wilson (Cal), Gordon Hinse (Edm), Paul Swiston (Win), Kristian Matte (Mtl), Tony Washington (Tor), Kyle Koch (Tor), Cody Husband (Ham), Nolan MacMillan (draft)

DL – Ricky Foley (Sk), Hasan Hazime (Ham), DiMetrio Tyson (FA), Connor Williams (draft), Kalonji Kashama (draft)
LB – Jason Pottinger (Tor), Tristan Black (Sk), Yannick Carter (Cal), Phillipe Dubuisson-Lebon (Win), Rico Murray (Ham)
DB – Lin-J Shell (BC), Eric Samuels (Edm), Marky Markett (Win), Jahmal Knowles (Mtl), Jerell Gavins (FA), Nick Turnbull (FA)

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