Thursday, December 5, 2013

Expansion Draft: Edmonton Eskimos

We round up our look at the West Division teams at the bottom of the barrel with the Eskimos. Despite their record the Esks are devoid of talent so there will be some decent choices coming here.

Round 1: Imports
Players likely to be protected: Mike Reilly, Fred Stamps, Adarius Bowman, Odell Willis, Rennie Curran, Aaron Grymes, TJ Hill, Marcus Howard, Almondo Sewell, Chris Thompson, JC Sherritt.

-       Hugh Charles, Joe Burnett and Damaso Munoz might normally be on the protected list but are potential FAs

Who Will Ottawa Take?
A case could be made for taking Marcus Henry but I think Ottawa will opt for defense instead and take Eric Samuels. I could see Edmonton opting to protect the younger Samuels and let either Thompson or Hill walk, in which case Ottawa would take that person.

Round 2: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Donovan Alexander, Shamawd Chambers, Matt O’Donnell, Don Oramasionwu, Simeon Rottier, Alex Krausnick-Groh

-       Knowing Hervey’s ego I could see him not protecting Rottier out of spite and ensure “he never plays another game for us again”. Not a wise move but Hervey hasn’t exactly extoled the virtue of wisdom in his tenure.
-       Ted Laurent would normally be protected but he is an FA and probably NFL bound

Who Will Ottawa Take?
Honestly can’t see Edmonton protecting 2 receivers so leaves Nate Coehoorn open and the obvious choice for Ottawa.

Round 3: Canadians
Players likely to be protected: Eddie Steele, Grant Shaw, Justin Cappicciotti, Brian Ramsay, Ryan Hinds, Calvin McCarty

EDIT: I have since been informed that I overlooked the portion of the rules that says kickers can only be taken in Round 2. Oops my bad. So the part about protecting Shaw and losing O'Neil is incorrect. Ottawa could still take Hinse,
Who Will Ottawa Take?
As inconsistent as he was this year, I think Ottawa needs to take a flyer on the hobo-kicker aka Hugh O’Neil. They will need a kicker and other Canadian options from the Esks are weak at this point. The nice bonus is that the endangered birds living in O’Neil’s beard will qualify the REDBLACKS! for a special tax break.Other option here would be Gord Hinse


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that kickers can't be taken in the third round, only the second because an extra Canadian can be protected in the third round.

Ted said...

I'm not sure the Esks will protect Odell Willis. He's an ok player but but not worth burning a protection status over.

Rider Prophet said...

Anon - Yeah I overlooked that part of rules inadvertently. So no kickers in round 3.

Ted - If it were me I fully agree. But given how aggressively Hervey went after Willis in free agency I can't see him risking losing him... hell he took a fine a get him.