Friday, March 4, 2011

Rider Prophet Salutes US Expansion: Memphis Mad Dogs

What do you do when the NFL turns you down? You talk to the CFL. That’s exactly what Fred Smith did when the NFL didn’t go for his proposed Memphis Hound Dogs. 

Years in the League: 1995

Overall Record: 9-9

Notable Players: QB Damon Allen, DL Anthony Drawhorn, WR Jason Phillips, K Donald Igwebuike, WR Eddie Brown, DL Tim Cofield, DL Rodney Harding

The Good
- Had a good defense. Though that may be in large part due to the fact that their home field was not CFL regulation size (it was even smaller than the other US fields that were not regulation size) so it was easier to defend. 

The Bad
- As mentioned above their field was tiny by CFL standards and this was despite the fact that they widened the field with Astroturf… which was odd given that the rest of the field was grass. 

- They were the league worst in points scored during their only season

- Decided to mess with the standard format of football jerseys... the results were not very visually appealing

Fate: Folded following the 1995 season along with the rest of the remaining US teams.

Video Evidence
Here's a clip of the Mad Dogs against our beloved Riders



Anonymous said...

Not worth mentioning JOE HORN ????

Rider Prophet said...

I swear I had him on the list, I must inadvertently deleted him.

Xanae Lewis said...

I love the jersey and the jumpers though.
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