Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Something Happened!

Well thankfully late Friday something actually happened with the Riders. That is good news for you the readers as my back-up plan for today's post was to analyze in detail where my March Madness bracket went wrong (hint: it had something to do with knowing absolutely nothing about college basketball).

Friday Brendan Taman and Eric Tillman finalized a deal that us ship DB prospect Ladarius Key to Edmonton in exchnage for KR Tristan Jackson. At first glance I think this is a great trade. Basically we gave up a practice roster DB for a 25 year old kick returner who is a dangerous kick returner. Now you have to factor in that Jackson is probably making decent money (which likely made him expendable by Tillman standards) and that he has been plagued by injuries throughout his career (especially last year). But I still think Key is a small price to pay for someone with Jackson's potential.

All I can is that Jackson better pan out for Taman's sake. otherwise he'll have gone 0 for 3 in the acquiring kick returners who used to be good department. Dorsey failed, Grease-Mullen failed. it's all on Jackson. Fortunately he has one major force working in his favour that the other 2 did not... mainly not have a complete idiot as his special teams coach. That said if we can't muster a return game out of Craig Dickenson and Tristan Jackson, we might as well just quit trying because it obviously ain't in the cards.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: RB DeAndra Cobb (free agent signing)
Wow it will be an epic Cobb vs. Ahmad Green show down at RB in camp... watch for both to lose and end up cut.

In: WR David McKoy (free agent signing)
Out: LS Tyler Inglis (trade with Edmonton), QB Zac Champion, QB Frank Wilczynski (cut)
How many times does Champion need to be cut before he should be forced to change his last name?

In: LS Tyler Inglis (trade with Winnipeg)
Out: DL Kai Ellis, OL Patrick Afif, DL Justin Cooper (cut)
Americans over the age of 30 beware... Tillman is on the prowl.... babysitters to (too soon?)

In: WR Will Cole, RB Keegan Herring (free agent signing)
Out: DB Daylan Walker, DL Richard Jones (cut)

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