Monday, March 7, 2011

Rider Prophet Salutes US Expansion: San Antonio Texans

San Antonio was originally supposed to join the league along with Sacramento in 1993 but the owner ran out of money before the team could even get close to the field. This was the result of the owner (though I use the term loosely since he really didn’t “own” anything) at the time was an idiot and had nothing to do with San Antonio which was still seen as a good market for football.

So following the 1994 season when the Sacramento Gold Miners were looking for a new home, the league decided to give a competent owner as shot a San Antonio-based franchise. 

Years in the League: 1995
Overall Record: 12 - 6
Notable Players: QB David Archer, DB Malcolm Frank, QB Jimmy Kemp

The Good
Only US expansion team to have a field big enough to actually have the right dimensions for the Canadian game.

- Second highest scoring offense in the league in 1995

The Bad
- Not much really. Unlike the other teams they had decent ownership and talent on their roster though attendance was decent at best.

Following the 1995 season the CFL was prepared to purge itself of the crappy US franchises, namely everyone but Baltimore and San Antonio. The plan to keep the Texans and Stallions hit a major snag when Baltimore got chased out of town by the NFL. That would have left San Antonio as the only US team in the league.  Rather then go at it alone, it was decided that the Texans would fold, ending the US experiment once and for all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey what about Mike Saunders???

Rider Prophet said...

Completely forgot about him