Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Hope Nobody Notices

**As I type this post on a Tuesday evening, I'm just going to hope that most of you either haven't noticed how late this post is, or have just gotten so used to my lack of timeliness that you really don't care by this point.

So far the “make the readers do all the work” scam… errr I mean “Tell Your Story” segment has been a resounding success. We’ve had great contributions from Uncle Jim, Ronbo and Robert. My inbox has also been flooded with stories from readers around the world (though most of them have little to do with football and seem to all end with requests for my banking information). Man in the Bush has been submitting stories but most of them have little to do with football and all seem to end with requests for people’s phone numbers, addresses measurements, hopes and fears and openness to acts so lewd it would make an adult film star blush.  So I’ve gone ahead and spared you the emotional scarring and refused to post them.

I promised a prize when this all began and I am a man of my word. A donation to the Human Fund will be made on behalf of everyone who submitted a story. Congratulations! 

Now onto the news of the day which of course is that the Riders have released Chunky Adams after 8 seasons. This is another one of those mixed feelings things for me. On one hand to call Chunky one of the best DTs in the league would be about as accurate as calling me one of the most timely and grammatically accurate bloggers. On the other hand, I doubt few gave as much effort as Adams. Plus its not like he was bad... he was good enough to hold down the starters spot for a number of years. Fact remains that nobody was able to beat him out. 
I'm kinda surprised they cut him rather than bring him to camp and see if someone can finally beat him out. But I guess they knew in advance he wasn't in Coach Marshall's plan for a bigger more physical defensive front (they must be confident they have someone to replace him with), and so it was better to cut him early and give him a chance to catch on elsewhere (not sure where that would be but its a chance at least).

So we bid adieu to one of the most oddly shaped players I can remember.

CFL Ins and Outs

In: RB Cory Boyd (contract extension), DB Ray Cheatham, WR Curtis Walls (free agent signing)
Boyd signed a 3 year contract… but unless the Argos figure out how to pass the ball, the wear and tear his poor body his going to take will likely mean that he’ll fulfill a maximum of half of that.

In: KR Brandon James, K Louis Sakoda (free agent signing)
Out: DL Dario Romero (cut), K Justin Medlock, DB Carlo Thomas (trade with Hamilton)
Romero had 2 major knocks against him in that he was the wrong side of 30 and a well paid American. One of those is generally enough to earn to you a pink slip in the Tillman regime. Both makes is a virtual certainty.

In: RB Jon Cornish (contract extension)
Out: LB Sideeq Shabazz (cut)

Out: DB Trestin George (released)
Injured: RB Andrew Harris (tore a pectoral muscle, will miss up to 4 months)

In: WR Damian Sherman (free agent signing)

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