Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Update

Since I’m out of obscure former football franchises to talk about (unless I start making them up… which I’m not above), I guess I had better get back to talking about actual news.  News is predictably thin this time of year so you stuck with a dose of Random Quasi-Coherent Thoughts.

- We start on a sombre note, with Kitwana Jones signing with the Alouettes. Kitwana has always been one of my favourite players so it’s certainly sad to see him go. That said I understand why the Riders didn’t re-sign him. Realistically Kitwana would have been at best a special teams player who filled in on D in an emergency. Not to devalue Special Teams play (especially after last year’s debacle) but its tough to justify holding a roster spot for an aging guy who will never be a full time starter when you could just a s easily give it to a young up and comer whose has potential to develop into a starter. Again, I don’t like it but I see the logic.

- If history has taught me anything though. Kitwana will go to the new time, the only noteworthy thing about his time there will be chasing down a criminal and he’ll find his way back to the Riders by mid-season.

- Big but not overly surprising news came when Edmonton cut Mo Lloyd (by the way, I’ve never got why the two L’s are needed for this name, always seemed like a bit of overkill). Lloyd must hate Eric Tillman. First Tillman won’t open the vault for Lloyd in 2009 so, he ends up signing with a far crappier team. Then Tillman shows up and cuts him on a count of the inflated contract Lloyd has with said crappy team. At every turn Tillman seems to be on Mo like a babysitter… too soon?
- Speaking of Tillman , he is certainly scrapping the bottom of the barrel in his desperate attempt to introduce some Canadian content to the barren Esks. He has now acquired the highly acclaimed Delroy Clarke (I know who?) from Toronto for a 4th round pick in 2012. I’m honestly waiting for my call from Tillman to come play for him since as a Canadian who has played football, I’m almost overqualified compared to what the Esks had when ET walked in the door.


Wilma said...

Kitwana is gone? Damn!

Rider Prophet said...

Yeah. the search is on for my new favourite player.

Wilma said...

Well, who do you want gone from the team? I'll make them my fav player & they'll be traded immediately.

Rider Prophet said...

For the love of god start liking Ryan Dinwiddie.

Wilma said...

You are asking a lot. I'll try, for the good of the team, but dayum!