Friday, March 18, 2011

Tell Your Story

So far this has been a typical March football-wise… which means not much is happening. And the stuff that is happening is barely worth mention (unless you really care about Winnipeg cutting Frank Wilczynski).

Normally when news is thin I turn to one of my patented filler posts. Unfortunately I used them all up in my Salute to US Expansion. So my backup backup plan is to make you do my work for me.  Its an idea so ingenious I can’t believe it took me this long to think of it (and even then I didn’t so much thin about it as steal the idea from Ronbo and pass in off as my own).

So, to help me pass the time, I invite you to share some of your best football related stories. They could be about an experience at another stadium, off-field encounters with CFL players. Hell, it could be about something non-football related as long as it’s funny. 

Submit your stories either by leaving a comment or emailing me. The best story will win a prize. I have no idea what the prize will be but I’ll figure something out.

I’ll give you a few of my own stories to get the ball rolling.

- I once played against Jason Clermont in a touch football game. On one particular play I thought I had Clermont covered in the endzone. Needless to say I quickly found out why he is a professional football player and I am an unpaid football blogger.


Ronbo the said...

I doubt that there is anyone out there who hasn't had a funny or profound CFL/Ridrs related story to tell. Where were you in Grey Cup 1995 or 2003 for example? Meet any interesting fans from other teams?

Rider Prophet said...

In '95 I was too young to partake in any festivities that went past 9 so I have very few stories from that one.

I made up for in in '03 as I was the perfect age for partaking in the celebration. My personal favourite memory was meeting Plunger Head, a Blue Bomber fan who wore a gold plunger on his bald head. I rarely have good things to say about Winnipeg but Plunger head was simply awesome.

Uncle Jim said...

Okay I'm old .. I admit it. I went to my first Rider game with my dad when I was in grade 2. That was in 1959. OMG. See what I mean. We had a crappy season I seem to recall. Taylor field was a lot smaller. Popcorn was 10 cents a hamburger was 15 cents. A bottle of coke was 5 cents (small) or 10 cents for a large bottle. Yep they actually sold them in glass bottles back then. We always hated Winnipeg Blue Bombers back then. Tickets to the game were cheap.

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

Grey Cup parade 1995,
As commissioner Smiths' car went by I yelled, Hey! When can we have another one of these?" He replied, "Soon!"

Anonymous said...

I tried to hire Ron Lancaster just before his gig with TV.He was very interested in becoming a Stockbroker but couldn't pass up being the TV anaylist.Our branch manager of out Toronto office was Wally Gabler. I had him and Lancaster on a conference call. Ronnie told me he had to hear back from TV before he committed to me. Crap. TV called and he stayed in football or he might have stayed in Regina and I would have had a great employee!!

Cheers Robert in Riderville.

Rider Prophet said...

Awesome stuff guys.

Although I'm sure he would have done well at it, I just have a hard time picturing Ron Lancaster as a stockbroker.

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I've been to several Grey Cups. I once described Grey Cup Week as "50,000 people walking around with silly grins on their faces, most of them are drunk and there's no fights."

Hey Prophet, is this idea starting to work yet? :)

Uncle Jim said...

I happened to be in Montreal in November 1981 when the Grey Cup Game was on between Edmonton and Ottawa. On the day before the game, I lined the streets with thousands of others to watch the Grey Cup parade. When the Saskatchewan Roughriders float and pep band marched by, Montrealers gave a nice round of applause. The problem was they had NO IDEA what Gainer the Gopher was. Many of the people around me where puzzled. "Saskatchewan has a rat for a mascot?" some of them asked. See, there are no gophers in Quebec. My french is only good enough to order beer and I had a hard time trying to set them straight. The word 'gopher' meant absolutely nothing to them and I sure had no idea how to translate it into Quebecois. To this day I am sure that there are a lot of Al's fans who think we have a 'rat' as a mascot. Cheers ..