Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Update

We once again interrupt your regularly scheduled filler post for some actual news. That’s twice in a week which must be some kind of record.

- The Riders signed 3 players this week (though to be fair 2 of the signings were widely known a long time ago). Joining the team are RB Brandon West, OL Bart Archdekin and WR Terrence Nunn. I find it hard to get excited about signings like this. I mean sure guys like Cary Koch and Chris McKenzie started out as “nobody signings” over the offseason and they turned out pretty good. But for every Koch and McKenzie there is a string of Bassis, Olajubutus, Fairooz’s and Nyenhuis’.

- CFL Evaluation Camp went this past weekend. So far it remains up in the air who the Riders will be targeting with their #7 overall pick. Logic says we need to start getting some young OL prospects but there is also a case to be made for a kicker, a linebacker or even a receiver.

- Adrian McPherson has signed a 2 year extension with the Alouettes. I wonder how many more times he is going to fall for Jim Popp’s assurances that Calvillo will retire soon. I also wonder how long before he takes matters into his own hand and runs down Calvillo in the parking lot. Last but not least, I wonder what the odds are that McPherson ends up retiring before Calvillo.

- It seems the biggest issue in NFL negotiations was how to split $9 billion in revenue. By comparison the biggest issue in CFL negotiations was how to split a dozen donuts between the 20 people at the table since that's all they could afford.

CFL Ins and Outs
In: OL Obby Kahn (re-signed)
Thank god we didn't sign him! 

Out: Javier Glatt (retired)
What do you think the odds are that Tillman offered the chance to retire with some dignity as opposed to be being unceremoniously cut?

In: WR Maurice Mann (contract extension), WR Blaine Kruger (free agent signing)

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