Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Friday Musings… Which May Or May Not Be Football Related

- Things have been fairly quiet on the Rider front. We are apparently close to signing another QB (still rumoured to be either Reesing or Dinwiddie) but who knows when they might get around to an official announcement.

- The Riders have found a clever new way to scam me out of more money… Rider license plates. I, like many, will be replacing my boring old “Land of Living Skies” plates (which was a stupid slogan anyway) with fancy new plates featuring the Rider logo and “Pride Lives Here” (a few more suitable slogan).

- This is further evidence that the Rider’s have clued into the “put a logo on anything and people will buy it” concept. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the next things I’m suckered into paying a premium for include Rider Polident, Rider Easy-Bake Oven and Rider-themed hurricane insurance.

- Seriously though, what I really want is a Rider adult-sized onesie.

- This football lull would probably be getting to me by now if it weren’t for the miracle playoff run my Habs have gone on. Yes, I am a Canadiens fan… just not the kind who boos anthems and loots and pillages as a form of celebration.

- It’s no coincidence that in the very first year after ditching all the euro-trash that used to “lead” the Habs and replacing them with North Americans like Gionta, Suban and my favourite player Cammelleri, that the Habs are finally enjoying playoff success. It’s called heart.

- So, are we all pretty much in agreement that if the Habs win the cup, the entire town of Montreal will end up burned to the ground?

- Speaking of Montreal (clever segue), there is a rumour going around that Als GM Jim Popp is being pursued by the Washington Redskins. There is no denying that Popp is one of the top GMs in the league (he’s an abysmal coach but a solid GM) so losing him would be a blow to the Als. My leading theory is that Popp realizes just how many of his top players are likely to retire next season and doesn’t really want all the pressure and work of scouting a brand new starting line-up.

- Speaking of old Alouettes (another clever segue)… the Als have signed TE OJ Santiago… at the ripe old age of 36. While many people will think that this guy is way too old to be taking a chance on, he will actually be a young pup by comparison to the rest of the Als roster. He was probably brought in to push the average age of the team down a bit.

- Lastly, don’t forget that Fantas-Eh Football officially launches on Monday. Be sure to check out the very first CFL Fantasy Football site and my weekly Prophet’s Picks column.

- Have a good weekend.

CFL Ins and Outs


In: DL Pat McDonald (free agent signing)


In: DL Tim Hunt, DL Eugene Kinlaw, DL George Clinkscale (free agent signing)

Out: WR Markus Howell, OL John Comiskey (retired), LB Dwaine Carpenter (cut)


In: DB Weldon Brown, DB Isaiah Gardner (DB)


In: LS Sean Ortiz, DB JR LaRose, LB Bryant Cornell, LB Geno Johnson, RB Jerome Messam, RB Mickey Dean (free agent signing)

Out: QB Zac Champion (cut)


In: QB Alex Brink, WR Chris Ioannides, LB Courtney Smith, DB Bernard Hicks, OL Andre Douglas (free agent signing)

Out: WR Josh Svec, OL Mike Morris (cut)


In: QB Ken Dorsey, DL Terrence Reese (free agent signing)

Out: K Eddie Johnson, OL Gordon Sawler (cut)


In: DB Ryan Hinds (2009 draft pick signing)

Out: K Jeremy Ito


Brent said...

Hey Prophet,

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but Co-op gas bars are selling 100 Years of Pride windshield wiper fluid. Will you be joining the ranks of the rest of us suckers cleaning our Rider-licensed vehicles with green fluid?

Craig said...

A Habs fan that doesn't boo anthems or loot and pillage in celebration is like a Rider fan that doesn't drink or wear green.

Ronbo the Riderfan said...

I whole-heartedly drink to that, s'il vous plait.

Unknown said...

I am pretty sure i bought Rider Cloud Insurance once...

Govind said...

The Rider adult onesie - that would make you look like the green teletubbie wouldn't it?

Rider Prophet said...

Gov - is that a fat joke?

Govind said...

Hell no. Me making fat jokes would be like Michael Bishop saying (insert random QB name) turned it over too much