Monday, May 10, 2010

Fantasy Football Goes Canadian

If you are a big sports fan like me, you know that a sure-fire way make a sport more interesting is to wager money it. I watch zero college basketball throughout the year but come each March I am glued to my TV for unhealthy lengths of time to see how my annual March Madness bracket does (which is generally very poorly… very, very poorly). I don’t watch a lot of regular season hockey but when playoffs come around and its time for a playoff draft I am once again glued to the TV for unhealthy amounts of time (despite a promising start, I am now watching another pool go spiralling down the tubes) . And of course fall just wouldn’t be the same without my annual NFL Draft (where for a change I am very successful and in fact the defending champion… leading me to believe I should stick to football).

Bottom line is pools and drafts make exciting sports even more exciting. Though it’s not a miracle cure because not even a draft could salvage the supremely boring sport of baseball. For all the fantasy sports and pools I participate in, there has always been one that has been missing. There has never been a fantasy draft for my much beloved CFL.

That is until now…

A group of guys from right here in Saskatchewan have heard the cries of Canadian football fans like myself and our compulsive need to gamble on sports, and developed the first Canadian Fantasy Football site… Fantas-Eh Football.

The site,, will be officially launching next Monday and will offer a Canadian spin on the traditional NFL drafts many of us have done for years… i.e. it will be more polite, come with a toque, feature a hint of maple syrup and ultimately all transactions will be subject to the approval of the queen. In all seriousness, it will be a top notch football fantasy site that will feature a professionally designed site (I know the programmer and his work is amazing); completely customizable league settings and real-time stat updates.

Another great feature of the site is that it will have a weekly column by the country’s leading expert on Canadian fantasy football... me. See I make such a claim because I am the first Canadian fantasy football expert. My new weekly column, Prophet’s Picks, will appear on Fantas-Eh starting next week so be sure to check out the new site and the new column.

Fantas-Eh is a great way to make the exciting game of Canadian football even better. Besides I could really use a new draft to take my mind of the fact that my playoff draft hopes are now left in the hands of a guy with a broken wrist, a guy who has been on the bench for the past 4 games and some dude whose name I can’t pronounce.

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