Saturday, May 1, 2010

Riders Trade For #1 Pick

Well the draft hasn't even happened yet and already my predictions have been rendered completely useless (not that it wouldn't have happened anyway but usually the draft is at least underway when it happens).

The Riders have traded the #2 and #4 picks along with a yet to be named Canadian veteran to Toronto for the #1 overall pick and the #8 overall pick. With the first pick they will draft Shomari Williams (who has already agreed to a 3 year deal).

I'll have more on this tomorrow during my Live Draft Day Blogging but for now I figured I should amend my first round predictions to at least give them a shot at being correct some tomorrow.

Round 1
1 - Sask - LB Shomari Williams
2 - Tor - OL Joe Eppele
3 - BC - WR Shawn Gore
4 - Tor - LB Cory Greenwood
5 - Ham - Forfeited
6 - Cal - K Rob Maver
7 - Win -DL Eddie Steele
8 - Mtl - OL Danny Watkins

And with the first pick in Round 2 the Riders will hopefully take DL Brian Bulcke

See you tomorrow

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