Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CFL Draft 2013 Preview: BC Lions

Picks: 6 picks, first pick 6th overall

2012 Draft Highlight: Trading up to take Jabar Westerman 2nd overall

2012 Draft Lowlight: Other 1st rounder Kirby Fabien opting to return to school

Potential Pipeline: OL Danny Watkins (Philadelphia), DB OJ Otegwe (NFL), OL Kirby Fabien (college)

Needs: BC will be looking to address 4 main needs. First the loss of James Yurichuk leaves a big hole on special teams and LB depth for the team. They will look to fill that void. The loss of Cauchy Muamba also will have them looking at safeties. If BC is as serious about getting last year’s top pick Westerman more playing time, they will need to build NI depth on the D-line. Timing couldn’t be better as this year’s draft class is full of DL talent. Lastly, I feel like I say this every year but Angus Reid will have to retire at some point. Right? BC should be looking for an eventual replacement who could also provide depth on the interior of the OL

Bold Prediction: Wally Buono will make a draft day trade involving first round picks.

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