Thursday, April 18, 2013

CFL Draft 2013 Preview: Toronto Argonauts

Picks: 7 picks, first pick 8th overall

2012 Draft Highlight: Showing up to the draft

2012 Draft Lowlight: Everything that followed. They inexplicably used the 9th overall pick on a red shirt junior who didn’t even crack most draft boards. Of their other 4 picks they drafted 1 red shirt junior, a guy more likely to end up in the MLB or NFL than the CFL and 2 guys who didn’t make the team. So far, zero benefit to team from that draft class.

Potential Pipeline: OL Tyler Holmes (Minnesota), LB Cory Greenwood (Kansas City), DL Cleyon Laing (college), TE Luke Wilson (college, baseball), LB Herve Tonye-Tonye (college)

Needs: D-line overall is an area of concern for the Argos, not only are Canadians Foley and Belli not returning, also imports Armstead and Flemons are gone as well. That represents half of the league low 27 sacks the Argos got last season. They’ve added Jermaine Reid (and in theory Khalif Mitchell) but should look to add another DL. Given that half the OL they draft end up in the NFL they should probably draft a few more (you know to increase the odds that someone actually ends up on the team). And while they did alright with Swayze Waters last season, they would be wise to at least being in a Canadian kicker to tryout.  

Bold Prediction: Regardless of who Toronto picks first you can count on that player not being in double blue for at least 2 years if at all.

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