Thursday, April 11, 2013

CFL Draft 2013 Preview: Calgary Stampeders

Picks: 7 picks, first pick 7th overall

2012 Draft Highlight: Making a total of 8 selections and 3rd round pick Keenan McDougall has proved useful early in his career.

2012 Draft Lowlight: Cutting 5th overall pick Ameet Paul in an attempt to have him placed on the practice roster only to have Montreal swoop in and pick him up.

Potential Pipeline: WR Spencer Armstrong (military)

Needs: Very little in terms of urgent needs but it wouldn’t hurt them to add a D-lineman to replace Brian Bulcke and make up for the Paul gaffe last year. Also they could stand to add a receiving prospect. Forzanni is doing well but outside of him all they have is Parker (who is falling well short of his 1st rounder potential), Bauman (who has fallen even shorter of his first round potential repeatedly), Arthur (who is getting older), Tollerstrop (who is unproven) and Sinopoli (who they just demoted from QB).

Prediction: The draft will be delayed in the 4th round at Calgary’s picks when no one can locate Hufnagel. If will eventually be revealed that Huf left the draft conference call early due to travel arrangements.


Anonymous said...

"ladies and gentlemen Hufnagel has left the building"

Lowetide said...

Where in h-e-double-hockey-sticks is today's edition?

Rider Prophet said...

Lowetide - This may mark the first time where there was actually popular demand for my writings.

I'll be doing 3 team previews per week. I'd do more but the helper monkey who does all my typing is unionized and gets EDOs.

Govind said...

Monkey typers and hobo correspondents. You have the best staff ever!

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