Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CFL Draft 2013 Preview: Montreal Alouettes

Picks: 8 picks, first pick 3rd overall

2012 Draft Highlight: First pick was in 2nd round but appear to have used it well with Patrick Lavoie having a very productive rookie year. As an added bonus, dude is French. Oui Oui! Also got a bonus 1st rounder in Ameet Paul due to Calgary’s ineptness. 

2012 Draft Lowlight: Only real shortcoming was not having a 1st round pick but lucky for them Calgary addressed that for them.

Potential Pipeline: DL Vaughn Martin (Miami), OL Phillip Blake (Denver), DL Tyrone Crawford (Dallas, neg list)

Needs: In a draft that is heavy on DLs, Montreal has the luxury of being fairly set at that spot with Paul, Ihekwoaba and Adebayo thanks to past drafts. This will allow them to focus on other positions while the other teams fight over the DL. For a team fielding an all Cdn OL, you can bet O-lineman will be a priority every year (particularly those that can play tackle). A linebacker to back up Emry (or step in when he decides to punch someone in the crotch) and a DB who can play special teams will also be looked at. They also currently have just a solitary Canadian receiver on the roster.

Prediction: The Als have not drafted a receiver since 2008 and have not drafted a receiver that actually cracked their roster since 2006. At some point you’d think they have to cave.

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