Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Sentimonies: And That's The End of that Chapter

Riders 18 - BC 29

Remember that time the Riders scored a TD? ... me neither.
Sunday put the final nail in the coffin  of the Riders playoffs hopes… even they realistically ended weeks ago. And realistically its probably for the best. I mean, I’m pretty sure you would have to go way back before the League approved the forward pass to find a team that had any postseason success without scoring a TD.

The only mildly comforting team was at least see the Riders play a competitive game for once… I mean as competitive as you can be without finding the end zone.  Defense turned in their second straight good performance. Sure they sucked in the 4th quarter but it’s hard to blame them. I would have given up too if my offense hadn’t found pay dirt since mid September.

If that was our best effort… these last 3 games could be as enjoyable as a colonoscopy.

Random thoughts on the game:
- Quick trivia: Can you remember who scored the last Rider TD? … It was Chris McKenzie on a pick 6. Last offensive TD was Weston Dressler on a run. Those were the days.

- Every time Miller or Taman as asked about a roster move or playing back-ups they always mention salary cap pressures… then we go out and activate Ernie Wheelright off the 9-game IR early meaning we have to eat a few games of his salary. It juts makes no sense.

- Why is it that when we can even handle the simple things we keep adding more ridiculous and complex plays? Like the 3rd and 1 shotgun direct snap to Hughes after we run around confused for a bit. That might be okay to try on 2nd and 1... But you should never ever ever go shotgun on 3rd and short… let alone a trick shotgun play.

- Milo for MVP? … No seriously.

- Actually hands down our MOP is Jerrell Freeman. The man is an absolute treat to watch and does absolutely everything well. I think we should give him a series at QB just to see what he can do. What’s the worst that could happen?

- Ever notice how at the end of every season Wes Cates seems to step it up…  he’s smart enough to know he needs to impress enough to get a job next year,

- Great seeing Rasovich, Saunders and Holmes again. I have great memories of all 3.

- Did you see how many fireworks we set off for the Plaza Inductees? We had to use them up somehow since we don’t  have any TDs to set them off for anymore.

- I live how despite the fact that the fans finally voted for a new 4th quarter stretch song, the cheerleaders still did the exact same routine.


uncle_jim said...

I sit with a friend at all games who is a die-hard Darian Durant fan. Even after Sunday's game, he can't say anything negative about Durant - in his mind (and MANY others), Darian can do NO wrong!

I am still scratching my head at where all of the loyalty to Darian Durant is coming from. 17 Quarters without a touchdown?! None of these Rider Quarterbacks have EVER gone over 4 full games without at least one touchdown:
Ron Lancaster
Kent Austin
Glenn Dobbs
Tom Burgess
Kerry Joseph
Joe Paopao
Nealon Green
Reggie Slack
John Hufnagel
Joe Adams
Steve Sarkisian
Kevin Glenn

Anonymous said...

Uncle Jim It's all about heart and character, I think Durant needs a QB coach who can motivate him, he plays the game trying not to make a mistake this is why his interceptions are down, but playing that way he isn't making plays either, I think Durant is still the future but without guidance he will not be effective. This team started to tank middle of last year, they were just lucky to go to the cup. All other teams in the West upgraded and blew past the Rider talent. We'll see what happens next year, I think Fantuz will bolt. It will be interesting to see what changes will be made.

Rider Prophet said...

Uncle Jim - Seeing names such as Slack and Green on there makes me feel even worse about this drought.

Anon - You're right about Durant. His best performances were when he had a QB coach and an OC... he currently has neither.

uncle_jim said...

I'm done with Durant! Period! His total lack of professionalism was key in decisions to drive out Marshal and Berry. Durant played half hearted football at the begining of the season because he led a faction of players who dreamed of one more Grey Cup shot with Miller. Ok. Fine. He got his way ... Marshall & Miller were turfed (even though we are paying and paying and paying wages to them for broken contracts).

So Miller comes back ... and Durant (after an initial flurry of enthusiasm) goes back to sucking big time.

Now, with a broken bone in his foot, he is on Miller's back to let him start in Calgary ... terrified for his job if any of the back up quarterbacks should actually do well.

I'm done with Durant. He is now in the same file folder as Reggie Slack.

Amen ... and ticked ....

uncle_jim said...

Error correction:
In my last long winded / windbag comment, I wrote: "... Marshall & Miller were turfed?" - That should read ... "Marchall and Berry were turfed".

Thanks for putting up with my rants.

Rider Prophet said...

I would never discourage rants or hatred of players... its the foundation on which this blog was built.

Anonymous said...

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