Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Round-Up: Hey We Actually Signed People

I’d like to start today by thanking those of you who participated in the first CFL Mad Libs. Special mention goes to Green Giant (assuming not the vegetable spokesperson). His story had it all from Koko B Ware to Climax. Check out Monday’s comments if you missed it.

Now onto Rider news, where in a stunning turn of events we signed some people. I mean sure we did lose another FA is Jock Sanders but if the reports are even remotely true that Calgary gave him $100,000 then you can’t even consider him a loss. That’s insanity! So back to the people we actually signed.

First was the signing I was waiting for, the DTs. We brought back Richard Sumlin who spent all last year on the PR and who the Riders are apparently very high on. We also brought in Trent Guyton. At first I wondered why I recognized the name, then it clued it that he was a late round pick of my Vikes. He’s still young… and turned into one hell of a player in my career mode on Madden so that’s something. Either way its nice to have more than just one name on the DT depth chart.

The second signings were QB Seth Doege and WR Brett Swain. Doege is the second best QB to come out of Texas Tech after Graham Harrell (and we didn’t even have to sign some WR we didn’t want to get Doege here. Cough Eric Morris Cough). Also we are being told that Doege is pronounced Day-ghee… the Doeges must somehow be an offshoot of the Toews. As for Swain he has bounced around the NFL for 6 years so we’ll have to see what he has to offer when he gets to camp.

In other Rider news, the court case for the Dewdney incident has been set for June after a record low 7th adjournment. The original “stall it until the offseason” strategy must have worked so well that they are doing to try and stall until next offseason. You know Anderson, Smith and Riley should just move to Winnipeg in the offseason that way even if they got convicted they wouldn't need to go to jail because they would get credit for time already served.

Lastly, if you are a season ticket holder like me you received your “special season ticket holder” pricing info in the mail for the REBLACKS preseason game here. You also probably laughed and promptly threw it in the recycling bin. Lowest non-endzone ticket prices for adults will be $40. There is just no way enough people are that motivated to see another preseason game. I’m as die hard as they come and wouldn’t pay $40. I’m expecting a very empty stadium (which is too bad). I’m also expect a bunch of last minute deals and freebies (ala Bills in Toronto) so while I may end up going, it won’t be at the prices Jim Hopson thinks he can squeeze out of us. I also imagine the Riders are actively campaigning to not have that game televised (as it has been for the past couple years). Regardless, short of announcing mascot soccer as the halftime show there is little they can do to convince me to fork over $40 for a preseason game against Ottawa.

On a side note: imagine how crazy mascot soccer would be with that roid-monkey lumberjack the REDBLACKS call a mascot out there swinging his axe? 

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