Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Back At It

Did you miss me? Did you even notice I just didn’t bother posting for a week? I was without interwebs for a couple days and as for the other days… I got nothing, there was lousy Smarch weather, a lack of much CFL news and general laziness on my part. What I lack in punctuality and grammatical accuracy I make up for with honesty… that counts for something right?

Some minor Rider news as the team announced the signings of import LBs Chad Kilgore and Scott McKillop. I do like how both have “kill” in their name, seems fitting for a LB. Chad has the added bonus of gore as well, which really adds to the intimidation factor. Now we just need to find guys named Assassin McStabby and Barron Von Kidneypuncher to round out of legion of terror.

Only other news worth mentioning relates to Kevin Glenn. The Riders admitted that they have made a call or 2 to look into Glenn. And rightfully so. Glenn would be an ideal back-up insurance policy at QB. Only 2 problems, 1 is salary. Glenn as number 2 (even though his salary would be a bargain overall) is higher than Sunseri or a rookie. You’d be hard pressed to say we could not afford Butler and then turn around a add Glenn. The other problem is the cost of acquiring him. Reports are Ottawa wants a Canadian starter and import starter and a draft pick… no word if the deal at least includes supper after getting bent over like that. Would be nice to have Glenn but we don’t need him bad enough to warrant the costs. BC and Winnipeg are the leading contenders apparently anyway. I like Glenn and wish him no ill will but it would be kind of ironic if 13 years later Glenn was back patrolling the Saskatchewan sidelines where his journey of getting no respect all began. That journey included seeing such stars as Nealon Greene, Ryan Dinwiddie, Stefan LeFors be deemed better than him.  

We will likely have to wait until the Florida mini-camp at the start of April for any substantial Rider news. Until then I will do my best to fill the time. If you have questions you want answered, ideas for a post, or any other idea I can mooch off of to fill this space just let me know.

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