Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Random Quasi Coherent Thoughts

You are probably currently more concerned with pretending you know a damn thing about college basketball and putting "Thought" into your bracket. Don't kid yourself you haven't followed it since last year one bit so at best you making wild ass guesses. Nothing wrong with that as its my strategy too but let's at least be honest about it.

CFL news is pretty slim other than the scouting combines going on this week. These combines will actually be more important than past years. Its widely considered a weak draft class (for reasons I will get into closer to the draft) so odds are good that GMs are scouring all combines looking for a hidden Canadian gem. Either way a few more of these players will likely end up in training camp than in previous years. There are 3 regional combines and one main one. If you get invited to the Saskatchewan regional combine, don't go. Its a trick. A local farmer has his combine stuck in a field and is hoping a bunch of athletic young men can help him free it. I'm interested to see how these combines shake out.

Other notably CFL news is Chad Ochocinco openly courting the BC Lions on twitter. At first many assumed it was a joke but then they remembered just how desperate Ochocinco might be getting and decided to at least look into it. Simply put I don't see this happening. For 1 the Lions (or any team) don't want the circus Ocho would bring. For 2, Ocho had some legal issues so I'm not sure what his border clearance would be and 3, given Canadian official languages law Ochocinco would also need to include Eighty Five and Quatre-Vingt Cinq on his jersey and anytime an announcer said his name. Its just too much of a hassle.

As a side note given that Shawn Gore already owns BC Lions #85 Ocho would likely have to look into a name change anyway. Though Ochocino with #16 would be pretty funny to me.

That's all I go for today so I'll end by wishing the Rider Prophet endorsed Wichita State basketball team the best of luck in March Madness. Go Shockers!!!

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