Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dressler Departs the Riders

After being with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for six seasons, Weston Dressler is on his way to the NFL, his final game for the Roughriders being the Grey Cup victory over the Hamilton Tiger Cats. 

He was originally an undrafted free agent in the 2008 NFL draft, having gone to college at North Dakota, where, as a senior, he caught 75 passes for 1,274 yards. He was named in the North Central Conference all-star team for four seasons in a row; he also set 19 school records.

He was not picked up in the 2008 draft by any team and, instead, signed as a free agent with the Roughriders as one of five rookies to make the team. Over his time with the Roughriders, he became an integral part of their offence, used in multiple schemes and formations; although, he was probably best from the slot. 

He has built a reputation among live football commentary pundits of being very dependable and sure-handed, and has a catching average of 81 passes in his past three seasons.

Last season, he again topped 1,000 yards receiving, something that he has done in all but one year with the Roughriders – 2009, when he only managed 941 yards. His best season as a Rider came in 2012 when he collected 94 receptions for 1,206 yards and a career best 13 touchdowns.

His skills should be transferable to the NFL, especially with the need for versatile wide receivers that can operate in the slot, wide out, or - in some cases - out of the backfield.

Fans of CFL betting know it is a big step for Dressler to make and he must be confident that the Chiefs will utilise his skills and talents in the right schemes for him, as he will be going from being a big fish in the Roughriders pool to a smaller one in the NFL pond.

However, in a league that is getting ever more pass orientated, it’s probably a good move at this time for Dressler as he tries the move from CFL to NFL.

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