Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Sentimonies: Grey Cup Thoughts

The 2012 season came to a less than dramatic close last night as the hometown Argos beat up on the Stampeders. In a stunning turn of events it actually seemed liked people in Toronto not only noticed but cared… either that or a lot of people in this country really hate the Stamps. Actually in retrospect that second one seems a lot more likely.

The game actually went pretty much as I expected. For the third consecutive meeting Chris Jones completely eliminated Jon Cornish. The only thing that was surprising about it was that Cornish decided to keep his pants on. On the other end of things, the Stamps obviously spent all week focusing on how to eliminate Chad Owens and completely forgot about Chad Kackert. Or as his friends like to call it, the Kack Attack… though I’m pretty sure they copied that from an adult film series (not that I would know anything about that).

So there you go, the Argos are the top of the league this year… though if you ask Eric Tillman I’m sure he’d tell you that Steven Jyles and a bunch of cap space could have just as effectively handled the Stamps.

Here are a few other random thoughts on the game:
-       Glad Calgary spent all that time trying to get their horse into the game, its presence would definitely have made all those TDs a lot more special… oh wait.
-       Kevin Glenn should probably have just broken his arm again then at least people could speculate about how good he would be in a Grey Cup
-       I can’t believe Adriano Belli actually Khalif Michelled somebody in the biggest game of the year. Though I’m not entirely convinced he wasn’t just sure the Argos would win and wanted to get an early start on celebratory drinking
-       Amazingly Justin Bieber wasn’t the worst part of the halftime show… at least his lip-synching was better rehearsed than Mariana’s Trench.
-       That said I’m pretty sure the Call Me Maybe chick has bigger arms than Bieber.
-       Also I’m pretty sure the Rogers Centre was piping in canned noise (BC Lions style) to cover up the crowd’s obvious unhappiness… well the portion of the crowd that wasn’t under 16 or a male cheerleader.
-       Sad fact: Jarious Jackson now has as many Grey Cup rings as Anthony Calvillo, Ricky and get this…. The Saskatchewan Roughrider franchise.

And thus ends the 2012 CFL season but stick with me through the offeason as there will be posts and tweets to get through the long months ahead. Next up on tap is the Rider Prophet Awards, be sure to get your vote in for Douche Bag of the Year.


Sandra Larson @smilingsandra (smilingriderfan) said...

I'm not sure what they were trying to prove with the musical "talent". Also what the heck happened to Burton Cummings? Did he forget the words? And OMG the drums on his keyboard are circa 1985 and I know this because my 1980's Technics organ sounds the exact same.

I picked the Argo's to win. I feel pretty good about that.

I think this might be the end of Kevin Glenn's career.

Rider Prophet said...

Oh man I can't believe I forgot to mention screwing up the anthem... good lord! I still can't believe that happened. might as well have let Bieber do it... at least he would have got the words right.

Kevin Glenn will still find work. If you need someone to come off the bench midgame/season he is your guy... just find another option for the playoffs. Both Winnipeg and Edmonton would be significantly improved with Glenn at the helm..

Anonymous said...

I agree, Glenn will have no trouble finding work. Yes, he underwhelmed yesterday but overall he had a great year, especially when you consider that he was playing with a pack of jerks.

I think Dickenson has to shoulder a big part of the blame for Glenn yesterday. He called a crap game with little of the creativity that we have seen from him at times. Very conservative.


Rider Prophet said...

Dan - I agree, for a guy who is regarded as one of the brightest young offensive minds in the league, I was not impressed at all with Dickenson's game plan.

Pat Strain said...

Went to the Game in Toronto - good times all around . The Stamps failed to show up. I'm a bit suprised as I expected more of a close game - but there is plenty of blame to go around the Stamps locker room . I think Huff arrogantly set the tone for their demise when he grabbed the cup during the press conference and said "yeah ,well my name is on it already " ( tempting fate ?)

I can confirm after having watched the halftime show on TV afterwards that the league did some major editing to silence the booing during Bieber's set . In the stadium it was deafening . The CFL pooches it yet again with the halftime show - just get Rush to play and everyone will be happy .


Govind said...

You called with your prediction of Jones finding a way to shut down Cornish.
And yeah, talking to fans and even players around the league, it's not just a Rider fan. Lots of people hate the Stamps.

Rider Prophet said...

Pat - I get why they went with Bieber, he is the biggest Cdn act out there and this was to be the biggest Grey Cup ever. They wanted a Super Bowl field but in a league that prides itself on its close relationship with the fans it just seemed wrong.

Gov - Good to know its not just me.

Hope both of you enjoyed the Cup.

Sandra Larson @smilingsandra (smilingriderfan) said...

I don't understand why they went with Gordon Lightfoot. The contrast in musical styles was bizarre. I guess what I mean is, Lightfoot on his own is okay, but really weird considering the other 3 acts.

I'm hearing that people want RUSH as a halftime show. I feel like, really? That's the best Canada has to offer?

I also think that Calgary went into the Grey Cup thinking they already owned it. They had big ego's and entered the field looking like it. I even remarked "celebrate once you've won something." Toronto came out with business to do. Poor coaching all the way around in Calgary's case. Poor Glenn looked shell shocked....why didn't anyone prepare him for this? I don't get it.

CK said...

I'm a little late getting my comments in here...but in my defense, it was a looooong flight back from Toronto.

I predicted on CITYTV in Toronto that Cornish would pull his pants down at least once. Looks like I was wrong.

I wasn't in the stadium at halftime, but on the I missed the Biebs. I will say, that during TV timeouts when they reminded fans to stay in their seats at halftime, there was a tremendous chorus of boos that went up. So it doesn't surprise me that he was booed mercilessly while lip-synching. (I almost wrote "performing.")

The view from the field after the game was spectacular. Somehow we convinced security that three guys in Rider jerseys belonged down there. We met a bunch of players and families, and caught up with a former UofS Huskie, Chad Rempel. Good times. We had a nice long chat with the Kackerts...they're good people...and he's a free agent. He mentioned that a couple of times.

Until next season!

Rider Prophet said...

CK - Nice work on getting down to the field.

Kackert definitely has the best timing ever. Nothing like having a career game in the biggest game as your final game before free agency.