Friday, November 23, 2012

100th Grey Cup and Other Friday Thoughts

Sunday the 2012 season comes to a close as the Stampeders take on the Argos at Rogers Centre. For the record I’ll just be impressed if the game doesn’t get bumped out of Rogers Centre for a full length Bieber concert and asked to move to Wednesday.

It’s an intriguing matchup in this year’s championship as 2 QBs who were snubbed by their teams at the end of last season go head to head. Hamilton dumped Glenn for Burris and Edmonton dumped Ray for a salary cap coupon and the rights to a new GM to be named later. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I will be cheering for the Argos. Kevin Glenn aside, I really just can’t stand the Stamps. Also, I’d like to think that a Grey Cup win for the Argos would be good for football in southern Ontario… I’d like to think that. I know it’s a pipe dream and the non-existent NHL will get more coverage in Toronto but one can always dream.

The difference in the game will be Chris Jones eliminating Jon Cornish. The Argos beat the Stamps in both meetings this season thanks in large part to Jones’ D holding Cornish to 82 total rush yards and no TDs combined over both games. If he does that again, it’s Ray vs. Glenn in an aerial battle and my money is on Ray. You know that and the fact that David Braley has rigged the Cup so his charity investment in the Argos will pay off… err I mean not rigged it wink wink.

Other random Grey Cup week thoughts:
-       CFL Awards went yesterday… not that you would know since it received less coverage than Gary Bettman’s bowl movements. I think it’s ridiculous that TSN now broadcasts the 5th round of the Canadian Draft live online but the league awards get nothing. At least the league has its priorities.

-       The awards were fairly anticlimactic this year as the deserving winners were so blatantly obvious that not even the reporters who vote on it (most of whom wouldn’t know what makes a quality football player if it was spelled out in a manual for them) couldn’t get it wrong.

-       It will be an interesting phenomenon on Sunday when everyone who likes football turns off the TV at halftime while everyone who does not turns it on.

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