Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are You Smarter Than A Baby - Final Standings

Well the results are in and the big winner this year with 42 points is... Mrs. Prophet (not gonna hear the end of this one anytime soon). In a close 2nd was Jim with 41 points. In 3rd... the baby at 40 points.

That means the rest of you (myself included) were beaten by a baby. Only 2 people managed to outsmart a baby and one of those people was the baby's mother. Take a second and ponder how low it feels to be bested by this gifted sports analyst:

For winning it all Mrs. Prophet takes home the $30 pot in the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is bonus.She will also split the $100 grand prize with Jim. So they will each get $50 in addition to bragging rights over the rest of us.

In terms, of the secondary prize of a $25 gas card... Step-Prophet managed 37 points. Aside from Mrs. Prophet and Jim (who already have cash prizes) and Prophet Jr. (who can't drive... at least not to my knowledge), only one other person posted a better score than Step-Prophet and that would be Wes with 38. Again the rest of you can add a 5 year old to the list of people who you bested by. Hang your head in shame.

Here are the complete final standings:

1 - Mrs. Prophet - 42
2 - Jim - 41
3 - Prophet Jr. - 40
4 - Wes - 38
5 - Step-Prophet, Steve, CK, Thad - 37
9 - DB, Tom - 36
11 - Rider Prophet - 35
12 - Man In The Bush - 34
13 - Kurtis - 33
14 - Skid - 32
15 - CK's Toddler - 30
16 - Dave - 24
17 - Momma Prophet - 21
18 - Tim - 13

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for playing. It was a lot of fun and we will for sure be doing this again next year.


Jim said...

Huge congrats to Mrs Prophet!! Kudos to the Prophet for all the time and tabulations necessary to keep it all together for us during the season! ... next year ...

Anonymous said...

So if you are going to continue this for the years to come you will have a giant family...hope mrs prophet is prepared for that many children...or maybe you can just keep changing the name of the contest..."Are you smarter than a toddler", "Are you smarter than a hormonal teenager"......

Rider Prophet said...

I doubt Mrs. prophet would be for the baby a year plan. It'll probably be Smarter Than A Toddler next year